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Frequently Asked Questions 🙋

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How do I get a KIS Academics Private Tutor?

It's easy! All you need to do is navigate to our Private Tutors page and follow 3 easy steps:

1. Hit the big red button that says "Find a Tutor" and fill out our form
2. Our team will look through your request and match you with the perfect tutor, personalised to your needs. You'll get an email with a link to this tutor's profile (usually within 30 minutes!0
3. All you need to do is press the big, red "Contact Me" button on your tutor's profile and send them a message.

They'll get in touch with you to organise a free 30 minute study skills consultation and from there, continue with regular lessons.

Are your tutors any good?

You bet - you can check out our reviews below!

KIS only hires the top tutors in each state.

We specifically hand pick and recruit the best tutors and top scorers of every year level, vet them with a thorough interview and application process, and then we take them through an intensive training program so that they become the best, most compassionate tutors who really know how to teach.
On top of that, we don't just hire the best, we treat our tutors well with top rates, personal development opportunities, plentiful resources for their subjects, and 24/7 administrative support.

Are your tutors qualified teachers or graduate students?

KIS Academics aims to hire young tutors who are relatable, friendly but also super smart tutors who are great at explaining things.
We firmly believe that tutoring should be delivered by someone with a different perspective to teachers at school. This ensures that tutoring doesn't just become another few hours of school, but a completely personalised time where students are taught in a very different, and better way.
You can read more about this in our blog post: Should I get a graduate tutor, or a teacher?

How do payments work?

Payments with KIS Academics are super easy.
Your 30 minute study skills consultation with your tutor is free
After your first lesson, we'll send an invoice to your email. You can pay it with your credit or debit card, just like when you buy something online! Please make sure to pay this invoice within 3 days of your lesson.
All future invoices are billed after and only after lessons. We'll never charge you before a lesson, and you'll always receive a receipt via email.
Here's some more information on how our payments work: How should I pay my tutor?

How can I contact my tutor?

After you request a tutor, we'll send you an email with a link to your tutor's profile. From there, you can press the "Contact Me" button to send your tutor a message.

This makes things super easy because you'll no longer need to contact your tutor through KIS Academics. Your tutor will get in touch with you directly by giving you a phone call or sending you a text message.

We recommend you save their mobile number as a contact in your phone, so you can get in touch with them easily in the future!

What happens during the study skills consultation?

Study skills consultations are a free, 30-minute meeting with your KIS Academics tutor.
While we are 100% certain that you'll love our tutors, students and tutors also need to have what we call a personality-match. Students need to like their tutor and be comfortable enough to share difficult problems, frustrating questions, and see them for a few extra hours every week.

So, during this consultation session, tutors will focus on getting to know their student, finding out what their strengths and weaknesses are and then building a plan on how to get the most out of tutoring. You can read more about it here: Free One-to-One Study Skills Sessions

What happens during lessons?

Our lessons are completely personalised to the student.
Every lesson is unique, and the sole focus of the tutor is to help a student find their weak spots, then help them overcome these.
Because our lessons are completely personalised, what happens during lessons is entirely up to you!
If you have specific content or questions to go over with your tutor, you can do that with them.
If you don't, your tutor will have a vast array of curriculum resources and content to go through with you.

We usually recommend our tutors to spend the first part of the lesson working through any questions the student has, then to go through curriculum content together, and finally summarise and make plans for the next lesson at the end.

I want a different tutor, can I ask for someone else?

Yes of course!
KIS Academics prides itself on matching students with the best tutor for them . We are successful at doing this 92% of the time.
We rarely have people ask for a different tutor.
If you do need someone else, for whatever reason, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling Manoj on 0426213600.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

That's okay! We know life gets busy, so we can be flexible around your schedule too.

All you need to do is get in touch with your tutor directly and reschedule the lesson for another time.

However, please keep in mind that we have a cancellation policy - if you cancel a lesson less than 1 hour before the time you arranged with your tutor, you'll get charged 50% of the lesson fee. This is to ensure our tutors' time is respected.

So please, if you need to cancel or move a lesson, do it well in advance!

You can find more details about this in our Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy

Can I get access to the online resources?

If you’re on the Platinum or Executive tutor plans, just send an email to [email protected] after your first lesson.

Don’t worry if you forget to do this! We’ll be sure to send you a reminder about this after that first session. When you get in touch with us, we'll individually work out which subject access would be best based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Do you have any terms and conditions?

Yep! You can find all the details in our Terms of Service.

The 3 main policies you should know for private tutoring are:
1. Regular lessons generate results. If you skip more than 3 consecutive weeks of lessons with us, you'll lose your tutoring position with KIS Academics
2. Lesson timing is flexible, but if you fail to show up or cancel less than 1 hour before a lesson, you'll be charged a last-minute-cancellation fee
3. Payments are all done online via TutorPay, and you'll only ever be charged after a lesson. Please make sure to complete any lesson payments within 3 days.

I still have questions. How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with us by emailing [email protected], or by replying to any emails we send you!

If you want to speak to someone over the phone, give our Founder, Manoj, a call on 0426213600

Our team is super friendly and always willing to help 😺

Who even is KIS Academics?

Great question, and I'm flattered you ask!

Here's The KIS Academics Story
KIS Logo of a brain

It's the people around you that help you achieve your potential

That's why we set out to hire only the best tutors in Australia.

High quality tutors at competitive prices.

We have hundreds of amazing tutors offering top quality services. Why are they so amazing compared to other companies? It's simple, we pay them so much more. We take a low commission so you can get top scoring private tutors at the best rates.

Free 30 minute Study Skills Assessment

Paying for an initial lesson with a tutor you've never met is absolutely crazy! And surprisingly, that's what most tutoring places will ask you to do. We think you deserve to meet your tutor and make sure they're the right fit for you - free of charge. Request a tutor and they will reach out to you to organise this free trial session!

We're proud of our reviews.

It's hard to express just how much we care that you have a great experience with us. We invite you to look us up on Facebook, TrustPilot, Instagram and Google. There's plenty of amazing stories from our previous customers.

Spots are limited so don't waste any time!

Once you've been matched with a tutor, make sure to contact them within 48 hours. All our tutors have limited spots which run out quickly, and if we've matched you with them, we can only reserve your spot for 48 hours. After that, your tutor may be matched with other students or parents, so make sure to contact them for your free study skills assessment before you lose your spot!