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Welcome to KIS Academics, your go-to tutoring company in Brisbane, QLD for high-quality, private tutoring in Chemistry. We understand the challenges that students face when it comes to mastering this subject, and our team of expert tutors is here to provide the support and guidance needed for academic success. At KIS Academics, we take great pride in the calibre of our tutors. Among our 369 tutors for Chemistry, we have carefully selected 13 tutors located in the suburb of 4000, each of whom has demonstrated exceptional proficiency and expertise in the subject. Our tutors are not only knowledgeable in Chemistry but are also skilled in effectively communicating complex concepts to students in a way that is accessible and easy to understand. Whether your child is struggling with fundamental concepts in Chemistry or is looking to excel in advanced topics, our tutors at KIS Academics can tailor their lessons to meet the specific needs of each student. With their personalised approach, our tutors can identify areas of improvement, strengthen foundational knowledge, and provide valuable exam preparation and study techniques. When you choose KIS Academics for Chemistry tutoring, you can rest assured that your child will receive individualised attention and ongoing support to reach their academic goals. We create a conducive learning environment where students feel confident to ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in interactive learning activities. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom, as we also provide regular progress reports to keep parents informed about their child's development. This open line of communication fosters a collaborative approach to learning and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the student's academic journey. If you're looking for the best high school tutors in Brisbane, QLD for Chemistry, look no further than KIS Academics. Contact us today to discuss how our expert tutors can help your child thrive in this challenging subject.
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As a year 11 student doing ATAR, I was looking for a tutor that could help me with French. KIS Academics was incredibly helpful and fast at finding me a wace french tutor who could assist me with my studies. My tutor Eliza Carey over the past few months has helped me so much not only in French but in biology and maths as well. I’m incredibly grateful for the effort and commitment she has put into helping me be more comfortable and less stressed about the subjects I was having difficulty with. It’s been nothing but an honour to be tutored by Eliza and I strongly recommend her as a tutor

Maddie M.
Year 11 Student

I got the top mark for my SAC which was really nice, and I think that’s all because of my tutor”

Medha / Year 12 Student

“It's been absolutely fantastic and it's just been a very positive environment for learning”

Amanda / Parent of a Year 7 Student

Meet some of our amazing Year 11-12 Chemistry tutors from Brisbane, QLD 4000 😍

Samuel Lee



ATAR from

Sydney Boys High School

Hey there! My name is Sam, and I went to hell and back to get an ATAR I've learned to accept. I currently study dentistry at the university of Queensland, and my hobbies include a LOT of exercise. I was always an average student in my high school, and by the time my hsc rolled around, I was about to accept a mediocre degree with a good time at uni. However as I paced my schedule to the brim with part time work, extracurriculars (mainly sports) and a heap of tutoring, I learnt to prioritise and manage my time to the point where I was the nerd of the school. Chemistry was my favourite subject, largely because my tutor really loved the subject, making me fall in love with how fun it ended up being Nowadays I try my best to balance my ridiculous workload with exercise and socialising... keyword being try.

Elijah Wong



ATAR from

Brisbane Grammar School

Hi guys, I'm Elijah and I'm ready to help you or your child to excel through their education journey. Achieving a 99.95 ATAR, 98+ subject scores (my marks were, English (98), German (98) Mathematical Methods (100), Specialist Mathematics (100), Chemistry (99), and Physics (99)), and 3120 UCAT (96th percentile), I know what study techniques and content are needed to help you and your child achieve the best results they can. Having me as your tutor, you will know that you’re in safe hands when you’re I’m your mentor. As your tutor, I will be using my wide range of tutoring and academic experience to guide you every step of the way. I will break down complex topics into more manageable chunks, providing you with a strong foundational understanding of your subjects. This will allow you to extend yourself and understand the intricacies to come along with the STEM subjects so that you are able to achieve the best results you can. If you want an excellent tutor to help you unlock your academic potential, then look no further. In my spare time, I play the piano and go out to exercise or play some sport with my friends when I'm not studying for university. It's my pleasure to meet you soon and start your academic journey with me.

Yaroslava Kiseleva



ATAR from

Somerville House

Hi! I'm Yaroslava but you can call me Yarra. I graduated from Somerville House with an ATAR of 98.55 and am now studying Computer Science and Law (Honours) at the University of Queensland. I did Year 12 under the new QCE system during COVID, so I definitely learned a thing or two about studying smart, not hard. The subjects I did were English, Maths Methods, Chemistry, Physics, Modern History, Chinese and Russian. I genuinely loved learning content for both STEM and humanities once I realized all the anxiety around long study hours was really unnecessary. I received 99/100 in English, 94/100 in Physics, the highest score in Queensland in Russian and academic commendation from the QCAA. My teaching is enthusiastic, and my style is concept-centered. I make sure you understand the underlying ideas and relationships within the subject using clear notes and explanations before doing practice questions. While memorization is undeniably a part of some subjects, you'd be surprised how much can be logically explained away instead of cramming. My aim is to make sure you understand everything you need to know in the long term and tailor my teaching to you: the student. I'm keen to help you achieve **your ** goals, whether it's learning content, assignment help, improving study techniques, or fostering a life-long love of learning!

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