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Maths Tutoring

Becoming a human number cruncher isn't easy, but a good maths tutor can help out a lot!

Maths, the word that send chills down the spines of all students - but it doesn’t need to be that way. Don’t get me wrong, Maths is a very intense subject across but there are strategies to make maths more manageable and set yourself up for success. It's important to stay calm and use your time to set yourself up well from the start of your maths journey, all the way to super difficult maths in year 12.

Practice and then practice again! 💯

In maths you can never do too many practice questions, you do not know what a test or an exam will hit you with so practising over and over means you will be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. The best way to make sure you have understood a concept is to do practice questions and then check your answers with solutions - ideally worked solutions as these give you an insight of what steps you need to include for full marks!

And of course, it is good to do as many practice exams as possible to get a feel for what it will be like under exam conditions. Doing practice exams under exam conditions allows you to both get used to the time constraints and pressure of the exam as well as get familiar with the types of questions you will be asked. The more practice exams you do, the more you will be familiar and comfortable with the questions you are asked.

Use your time wisely ⏳

Reading time in maths exams is super useful, so make sure you read every single question and get a feel for what they are asking. Know which questions will take you a lot of time or are harder and plan your time accordingly. Smashing out the quicker and easier questions is a good way to guarantee some marks on the exam. There is no point staring at a question for the first 20 minutes of your exam when another question might be something you are comfortable answering, take a deep breath, stay calm and move on to a question you are confident with (you can always come back later).

Read the questions carefully 🔍

The pressure of a maths test can lead to silly mistakes in basic arithmetic and not understanding the question. It is important to read the questions carefully and make sure in your answer that you are responding to the actual question and not what you think the question might be. Maths exams will try to trick you, reading the questions carefully and using a highlighter to highlight all the key information can give you a boost!

Your maths curriculum can be quite complex, and understanding what's going on can be very daunting for new students and parents. If you ever need some assistance with your studies or subject specific help, KIS Academics tutors have a thorough understanding of their subjects and can assist in understanding curriculum requirements. Our tutors are able to provide materials and teaching on how to prepare for maths assessments. Learn about our maths tutoring and book a free study skills consultation with a KIS Academics tutor.

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As a year 11 student doing ATAR, I was looking for a tutor that could help me with French. KIS Academics was incredibly helpful and fast at finding me a wace french tutor who could assist me with my studies. My tutor Eliza Carey over the past few months has helped me so much not only in French but in biology and maths as well. I’m incredibly grateful for the effort and commitment she has put into helping me be more comfortable and less stressed about the subjects I was having difficulty with. It’s been nothing but an honour to be tutored by Eliza and I strongly recommend her as a tutor

Maddie M.
Year 11 Student

I got the top mark for my SAC which was really nice, and I think that’s all because of my tutor”

Medha / Year 12 Student

“It's been absolutely fantastic and it's just been a very positive environment for learning”

Amanda / Parent of a Year 7 Student

Meet some of our amazing Maths Tutors 😍

Yangda Bei




Hello! I am Yangda and I graduated from Cranbrook School with an ATAR of 99.55. I'm currently studying for an undergraduate research degree at the ANU in physics with minors in mathematics and computer science.

My approach to tutoring is to inspire students and cultivate the same passion that I have for teaching the subjects. As long as you love what you are learning, the marks will follow! With quite an interdisciplinary background, I will aim to put everything you are learning out of the context of an exam environment and into a broader perspective. Of course, I also have a lot of tips and tricks to maximise your marks as well! It's all about finding that sweet spot which is why each lesson will be tailored to your wants and needs.

I hope to not just be a tutor for your subjects but to be a mentor and help you achieve your goals in all aspects of life. Having been involved in a lot of extracurricular activities during my senior years in high school has taught me a lot about time management and maintaining healthy mental wellbeing. I strongly advocate for these things and will take a holistic mentoring approach to your studies which had made my high school experience very enjoyable.

Outside of my STEM studies, you'll find me jamming on the trombone and piano or cooking up a curry. Super keen to meet you all!

Anna Pham




My name is Anna and I was very fortunate to have graduated from Methodist Ladies College with an ATAR of 99.15, placing me in the top 1% of Victoria.
VCE can be (and definitely was for me), a daunting prospect that seemingly was impossible. Even the years leading up to it also seemed hard at times. Well, I’m here to tell you from first-hand experience that with the right friends and enough guidance by your side, you can get through it!
Since graduating high school, I’ve spent my time tutoring students from primary school all the way up to Year 12. This has allowed me to gain extensive experience in effectively engaging with individuals at all different levels and honed my skills in being able to accurately recognize the skill set of each unique student and thus alter my teaching to cater to their needs.
Why should you choose me?
My style is highly focused on engagement and clarity to help you maximize understanding. Coupled with a deep understanding of the curriculum taught at all year levels, my flexible teaching approach will allow you to bypass tricky questions and concepts with ease. I am as invested in your learning as you are and will strive to help deliver you to your goal!
I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne. When I am not buried in lectures and assignments, I love to spend my time baking (my secret dream would be to open up a bakery). I also love passing my time by being immersed in a book or a good movie (feel free to tell me your favourites!).

That’s all from me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions and hope to hear from you soon :)

Emma Ashley




Hi, my name is Emma Ashley and I graduated in 2020 with a 99.45 ATAR. Since then, I have gone on to study Law with Honours and PPE, Politics Philosophy and Economics, at the Australian National University. I have been involved with KIS Academics in many capacities over the last 2.5 years, namely as the Legal and Finances consultant, NSW state consultant, Events manager, Sales Manager and developing the English Advanced Online Course.

I began tutoring as soon as I finished my HSC in November 2020, and soon enough I was conducting approximately 20 hours of lessons every week. This means that across the past 3 years I have tutored 70+ students … and counting! Why you may ask? Because I genuinely love sharing knowledge with others. There is nothing more valuable to me than seeing a student become excited to learn, the ‘ah ha’ moment where they finally understand or when they tell me about an amazing grade they just received.

My role as a tutor is to facilitate learning in a safe, comfortable environment, whilst focusing on areas of weakness and improving exam technique, things often over looked in the classroom. I intend for students to take agency over their learning and therefore ensure that they are able to guide lessons to suit their needs at the time, as usually the student knows what they need to focus on better than anyone else. My assistance and guidance extends beyond the classroom as I am always happy to communicate with my students if they have urgent questions or would like feedback before our next lesson.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and I am excited to hear from you about your study needs.

Want some more info about Maths Tutors? 🙆

Should I get a Maths tutor?

Getting a maths tutor can be helpful for you since at school it would be unlikely to get that individualised teaching from your teachers. They have a whole class to teach, so learning how to improve your approach to maths questions can be difficult when there are other students all trying to learn at the same time. Because of this, maths tutoring can be an invaluable resource to refine your skills and techniques and reach your maximal potential in the field of mathematics.

What makes a good Maths tutor?

A good maths tutor should be passionate about mathematics and love teaching the subject. They should of course also be knowledgable about maths as a whole and be able to pass that knowledge onto you as well. They would also be someone who can explain concepts in different ways for you to be able to understand them well and guide you through the most effective ways to solve maths questions.

What skills can a Maths tutor teach me?

Maths is a very skills-based subject, in which a good understanding of the fundamental skills is what helps you apply them to questions of increasing complexity later on. Due to this, a maths tutor is someone who can help you learn those skills and techniques. Your tutor is also someone who can guide you on how you can set out your workings to be more efficient and clear in your mathematical communication. A tutor is also someone who can teach you the tips and tricks they learnt through their study of the subject and guide you to be the best you can be.

KIS hires the best tutors based on 4 key criteria:
Hires the best tutors based on 4 key criteria
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