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All I remember was shouting at the top of my lungs “MUM, DAD.” I scared the sh*t out of them I yelled so loud. They didn’t even know why I was so ecstatic.It took so long to sink in and to just say the words: “I did it. I don’t know how but I got a 99.95 ATAR”

ATAR 99.95
School Dux

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How the SACE works:

The SACE involves Stage 1 subjects and Stage 2 subjects.

Stage 1 subjects are mostly taken in Year 11, and Stage 2 subjects are mostly taken in Year 12.

Each semester of a subject is worth 10 credits when passed. (But we’re aiming for way higher here!) Credits can also be gained through recognised VET courses and other Recognised Studies. Here’s a breakdown of credit requirements:


SACE/NTCET subjects are evaluated through internal (school-based) and external (set by the SACE Board) assessments. External assessments allow for moderated marking standards. While external assessments often include exams, not all subjects have one! For example, an English external piece may be an assignment completed over weeks, and an arts external assessment may be a live performance instead.

ATAR Calculation

SA and NT higher education admissions are managed by the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC).

The ATAR pathway is only available to students who complete

  • Research Project B
  • at least 90 credits at Stage 2
  • of which at least 60 credits must be from 20-credit Tertiary Admissions Subjects (TAS)
  • and the other 30 credits from TAS, with up to 20 credits of Recognised Studies.

The aggregate calculation process involves selecting a student’s three best-performing subjects (with scaled marks out of 20) and a “flexible option”. This option can be another subject, credits from Recognised Studies, or a mix. SATAC will work out the option that gives each student the highest possible aggregate before ranking them against each other to calculate the ATAR.

The SACE system can be quite complex, and understanding what's going on can be very daunting for new students and parents. If you ever need some assistance with SACE studies or subject specific help, KIS Academics tutors have a thorough understanding of their subjects and can assist in understanding curriculum requirements. Our tutors are able to provide materials and teaching on how to prepare for SACE assessments. Learn about our SACE tutoring and book a free study skills consultation with a KIS Academics tutor.

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As a year 11 student doing ATAR, I was looking for a tutor that could help me with French. KIS Academics was incredibly helpful and fast at finding me someone who could assist me with my studies. My tutor Eliza Carey over the past few months has helped me so much not only in French but in biology and maths as well. I’m incredibly grateful for the effort and commitment she has put into helping me be more comfortable and less stressed about the subjects I was having difficulty with. It’s been nothing but an honour to be tutored by Eliza and I strongly recommend her as a tutor

Maddie M.
Year 11-12 Student

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Charlotte Kenning




Hey, I'm Charlotte!

I am currently studying speech pathology at Flinders University, having graduated high school with a 99.70 raw ATAR. I was DUX of my year level with excellence awards in all my subjects (Biology 97%, Psychology 96%, Visual art 100% and English 99%) and achieved two subject merits, one for English and one for visual art, placing me in the top 2% of SA and NT.

During high school, I began my tutoring experience tutoring middle school students during lunchtime. I love to tutor students, helping them reach their potential by optimising their motivation.

I would love to share my study and time management skills with other students so that they can realise that homework should not be a chore but rather an opportunity to grow in curiosity and develop a passion for learning.

I am willing to tutor both primary and high school students in English, maths, science, biology and psychology. I will help you along your academic journey to reach your potential as you achieve your goals one by one!

Harliai Curthoys-Davies




Hi, I'm Harliai! (say it like Harlee-eye) ;)

I graduated high school with a 99.60 ATAR and was Dux of Trinity College. Year 12 is STRESSFUL but it's such an incredible opportunity to learn about yourself, and open up so many opportunities for after school!

Once I graduated, I still had no idea what I wanted to do... and I've learnt that that's ok! Getting a high score in school allowed me to keep my options open, so I went into a high-performance, but broad degree in Health and Medical Science (Advanced) and the University of Adelaide, and am loving trying out and learning new things every day.

For me, balancing education and fun is vital, and I always make sure to prioritize hanging out with mates, relaxing, and doing thing that I love.

One of these things is swimming. I am a semi-professional athlete, and spend about 25 hours a week grinding so I can sprint up and down a black line for less than 60 seconds on race day... call me crazy.

I have a passion for learning and pushing myself in sport and education, and I can't wait to share this passion with you as a future student, and help your reach your goals, whatever they may be!

Yumeng Liu




Hi, I'm Yumeng! I'm a student at the Australian National University with a major in chemistry, and minors in biology and computer science.

I’ve worked as a tutor since high school – and I’ve loved every second of it. I try to create an environment where you’ll feel comfortable making mistakes, asking for help, and taking initiative for what you learn. After all, that’s what we’re here for! It’s not just about the content itself, but all the study techniques and problem-solving skills that’ll stick with you.

I’m super passionate about science communication. A lot of people picture science as something really prestigious, but whatever goals you have for the future, having an understanding for the sciences is essential in navigating the world. STEM isn’t just about theories and formulas either. It’s so important to make science accessible, and to be able to critically examine all the information we’re bombarded with – which is why I love English too! It might not seem like it, but just like anything else in school, there’s methodology in analysing and creating texts.

I’m super keen to share all the tips and tricks I’ve collected to smash your studies. Hopefully by the end of it, you’ll walk away just as excited about these subjects as I am. Looking forward to meeting you!

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