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KIS only hires the top 3% of high school graduates - meaning that you can learn how to conquer your studies from someone who has done it all before. No more guesswork and no more uncertainty. We know how to help you get your dream scores 🚀

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Did we mention our tutors are the best of the best? They share a median ATAR of 99.50, and are all thoroughly vetted for teaching ability, empathy and communication. A lot of them are medical students!
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Students don't learn effectively unless they actually like their teacher. Good thing students love KIS tutors because we match them based on their personalities. Our tutors are both relatable and inspirational!

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Imagine having access to a world class teacher, simple explanations and relevant worksheets anytime, anywhere. Now stop imagining - KIS Online Courses give you access to a library of 15 minute videos and example questions so you can learn however you want to 💻

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Don't just focus on your content. Learn high performance strategies to improve your productivity and motivation and become the best version of yourself

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  • Focus on understanding over memorising

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Perfect scoring tutors with 3+ years tutoring experience and stellar feedback
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