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Dear KIS Student,

If you decide to sign up for this FREE online program, it may turn out to be the smartest decision you've ever made.

Every score-boosting idea you're about to read has been tested and shown to work for students of all walks of life. Regardless of whether you think you're smart or not, and despite what school you go to or how good your teachers are, this method of learning works.

These processes have generated phenomenal scores for our previous students as well as the KIS Team and myself.

The Keep it Simple secrets you learn in the Mindset Module will change the way you approach studying and ensure you strategise your academics with surgical precision.

Before I begin, there's something you need to understand first:

It will not be easy, it will take hard work and dedication from YOU. It will require you to believe 100% in the process and to back that belief by investing your time into doing the work.

If you think you can become a star student overnight or get a perfect score by only studying for a few minutes per day, then this program isn't right for you. In fact, and I honestly mean no offence when I say this, I don't even want you to start this program! You won't get anything out of it. There are no short cuts or silver bullets or gimmicks, so you'd only be wasting your time. I suggest you stop right here.

I know this sounds strange - I mean, what tutor in their right minds would turn a student away?

What you need to understand is how passionate I am and how seriously I take this. If you're not 100% committed to throwing everything you can behind your own success, then I can't help you.

However, if you're ready to commit and go all in, in the following program you'll discover a study system that will truly bring you reliable and impressive results.

I'll see you on the inside

Manoj Arachige

Your Tutor

Hello there!! I'm Manoj and I sold my soul to the devil in order to survive year 12. My mission is to make sure you don't have to do the same.

I graduated high school in 2016 as the School captain and a Dux of my high school with a 99.95 ATAR and a perfect score in chemistry. I really enjoyed the subject, but hated studying.

Throughout year 12, I made it my goal to study as efficiently as possible, cutting all the unnecessary information from my learning, and focusing on only the important stuff so I wouldn't have to give up things I love like sport and having a social life. Once I graduated, I taught these methods to my students, and after a few years of being a "generalised" tutor who taught multiple subjects, I decided to really focus on what my true strong points were: teaching students broad lifestyle and study skills techniques that wouldn't just improve one subject, but everything across the board.

Nowadays I break my time up between studying the Doctor of Medicine at Uni, playing the guitar, and catching up with friends for a very generic avocado on toast.

99.95 ATAR

KIS Academics Co-Founder

High School Dux

School Captain

Medical Student

Established Tutor

Here's what you'll get in this free module:

Here's everything that's included in the KIS Academics Mindset Module.

Change the way you think

Curated Mindset strategies

Through our research, we've worked out the number 1 difference between those who succeed and those who struggle: Mindset
To become a top scoring student, you need to think like a top scoring student. We'll teach you how.

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Actionable strategies

4 Mindset Modules

These aren't just fluffy videos - they explain the psychology and the philosophy behind becoming a high performer. We'll get real about achieving a high score at school - no bulls**t

Bonus Resources

Track your progress

Use our templates as an analytics tool to track your improvements in assessments and study performance. We believe analytics is vital for knowing where your weaknesses are and then turning them into strengths

The Mindset Module always has been and always will be FREE

Learning HOW to work effectively and efficiently is such an important skill not just in school, but in life. That's why we believe every student, everywhere, should get access to the strategies discussed in the KIS Mindset Module

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Don't let the chance to supercharge your studies pass you by. The longer you wait, the less time and opportunities you'll have to implement these mindset strategies. The earlier you apply them, the more you'll get out of the Mindset Module. Sign up now and make the most of these strategies!