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KIS stands for keep it simple, so let's keep things simple:

We're an education and tutoring company that's a healthy mix of cool tech + cool people

Our mission is to provide every student with an amazing, personalised education experience

We envision a world where one day technology and genuine human connection can facilitate a unique education for every student across the world

We're made for students, by students (so you'd better love students)

We're all about delighting our customers (and hopefully you are too)

We're always on the lookout for talented and passionate tutors who are the perfect mix of brains + personality. We like to think of our tutors as "genius best friends" to our students, helping them out with even the most difficult content while building amazing rapport and getting to knoow them.

In this role you'll become 💪

Let's be real - anyone with a head on their shoulders in 2021 should want a role where they'll learn and grow. In this role you'll become...

➡️ A well-paid tutor who independently conducts high quality lessons with their students

➡️ A well trained teacher with a thorough understanding of the KIS Academics tutoring model and goal

➡️ Well equipped to talk to potential clients and customers, and really sell yourself to the best of your ability

➡️ Career ready with relevant skills that can be used ubiquitously in future roles such as communication, personal branding and customer service

➡️ A genius at organising and planning your own calendar and staying productive

➡️ A confident and articulate communicator with a ton of empathy

➡️ A team player who generates ideas and takes action on their own ideas and the ideas of others

Qualifications required:

We have an extremely high set of standards when it comes to hiring new tutors.

In terms of your academic performance, you'll need to meet at least one of the following criteria:

➡️ A minimum ATAR (or ATAR equivalent) of 97 to tutor Years 5-10

➡️ A minimum ATAR (or ATAR equivalent) of 99 to tutor Year 11-12

➡️ Experience in a teaching environment, or be a current education student at University to tutor Years 5-10

➡️ Industry experience and subject expertise to tutor Year 11-12 (ie. you majored in Biology at university and now work as a Biology tutor)

We'll also be looking for the following traits:

➡️ Amazing communication skills and the ability to effectively build rapport with students and parents

➡️ Prompt and courteous internal communications with the KIS Team

➡️ Fast learner and can think on your feet

➡️ Passionate and Hard Working

➡️ Honest

➡️ Organised and responsible with great time management

➡️ Knowledge about Australia's education system, ATARs, VCE, HSC etc. as well as general study and productivity tips

And finally, all our tutors require a valid employee (paid worker) Working with Children Check for their state.

What you'll get out of this role:

➡️ Work with an amazing team of tutors - we only hire elite tutors who scored top marks

➡️ Career development opportunities. We've previously run a LinkedIn workshop for our tutors (which we made available for public access here) and regularly provide opportunities for tutors to get involved in internal KIS business development roles including sales, marketing, content creation, product management, etc.

➡️ We’re super transparent with pay and pay higher than industry average (starting at $40/hour) - When we discuss what type of tutor you'll be and the subject(s) you want to teach, we'll tell you exactly how the pay will work and your hourly rate

➡️ We give you teaching resources and will provide you with worksheets to give your students so you don’t have to write your own. We also give you access to notes and a curriculum to help guide your teaching

➡️ Top quality service to students, so you know you're making a real difference. Depending on the subject they're doing, we can provide your students with video lessons so they can review lessons, and all our students get free access to study skills videos

➡️ We do the advertising (you don't have to pay or do anything!) and we spend on average $50-$200 per tutor per year

➡️ Freedom to work freelance - you can search out your own students and tutor them aside from the ones you get through us. We’ll list you on our website and pay for all marketing. If students want you as their tutor - they’ll sign up. No loss for you

Join the KIS Team!

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