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The KIS LinkedIn Masterclass will teach you how to find your unique personal brand and how you can leverage it on LinkedIn. We'll walk you through each and every step to build a stunning profile and make lasting and relevant professional connections.

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LinkedIn is intimidating. We'll walk you through every step to set up a profile


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Learn the strategies the KIS team uses to build stunning LinkedIn Profiles and advance their careers.

Dear KIS Student,

There's no doubt about it.

LinkedIn can be intimidating.

It all seems very grown up, very professional and very scary . (Is my resume impressive enough? What will I even put in my profile?!)

Well, it's time to demystify things.

LinkedIn, like any other social media, is all about personal branding. It's about putting your personality on display, and telling people what you'e passionate about.

The main difference however, is your audience.

While you may post party pictures and stories of your dogs on Instagram and TikTok, LinkedIn is a different world.

Your audience on LinkedIn isn't your friends, family and random acquaintances you've only met once or twice. Your audience on LinkedIn is your professional audience.

This means your work colleagues. Your mentors. Potential future employers. Even potential future employees!

And because of that, your branding - and thus your profile - needs to be constructed differently.

You need to be effective at building a professional LinkedIn persona that reflects and emphasises your strengths in a career context, but you must also remember to keep things honest. Business and hiring decisions in the professional world are all based on trust, regardless of whether you want to be a build your own business, become a practicing lawyer or doctor, or work independently as a freelancer. Personal branding needs to be authentic to you.

So, don't keep putting off making that LinkedIn account. Make a start and jump right in. Learn about the importance of personal branding and how to do it properly online, and get a play-by-play walkthrough of how to set up your profile and even prepare for LinkedIn job applications.

I'll be with you every step of the way.

Let's get started.

Mia Hara

Your Instructor

Hi there!

I'm Mia, a final year Masters of Secondary Teaching student at the University of Melbourne, and I'm the founder of The Student Space.

I founded the Student Space during my gap year after graduating from a Bachelor of Commerce (also at The University of Melbourne), when I realised there are many things school doesn’t teach you.

I'm super passionate about sharing insights to students about high school, life after school and how to actually be an adult, and I do this through my podcast and school workshops.

During my Masters degree I received the Norman Curry Scholarship, achieved the Dean's Honours list and co-designed a workshop in collaboration with the University of Melbourne.

I'm passionate about inspiring the next generation and was also a panellist for Youth Leadership Academy Australia’s conference.

When I'm not studying or working, you’ll find me outdoors running, bike riding or surfing (or more like attempting to stand up on the board) 🏄

Founder of The Student Space (Podcast and Community for high school students)

Norman Curry Scholarship (Melbourne Graduate School of Education)

Bachelor of Commerce Graduate

Dean’s Honour List (The University of Melbourne): Top 3% of cohort

Final Year Masters of Secondary Teaching

Panelist Speaker for Youth Leadership Academy Australia 2021

Here's what you'll get in this free masterclass:

Here's everything that's included in the KIS Academics LinkedIn Masterclass.

Who you are and what to tell people

The Basics of Personal Branding

Connect your personality and career aspirations to your personal brand, and establish trust with everyone you come across.

From zero to hero

Building a LinkedIn Profile from Scratch

We'll walk you through the steps for building a killer LinkedIn profile - all the way from the login page to finding and applying for jobs

The KIS LinkedIn Masterclass is FREE

Developing your professional persona, and finding out what you want to do with your life is something that all students, everywhere, should think about - even while still in school! And while you may not know exactly what you want to do with your life, getting into the workforce and learning as much as you can is always a good first step.

That's why we believe every student, everywhere, should get access to the step-by-step LinkedIn Masterclass by KIS Academics

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