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The UAC does not release scaling data for some low participation subjects. These subjects are not available in the calculator.

How the HSC works
Exactly how the mythical HSC works is a constant source of confusion for parents and students. Hopefully, all of the following information will clarify the key points of confusion.

The HSC has a unit system, most classes are two units (English, Math, Chemistry etc), but extension subjects are only one unit (English Extension, Math Extension etc). In year 12, only the 10 best units out of all taken will count towards your ATAR.

Extension Subjects
In order to do an extension 2 course in English or math, you must be enrolled in the corresponding extension 1 course.

Internal and External Assessment:
Your final grade in a course is made up of 50% internal marks and 50% external exam, but your rank within your cohort at school determines your internal mark.

Schools make their assessments different in difficulty so that it wouldn't be fair if everyone got a 100%. Your "Raw Mark" gives you a rank among your cohort and then the corresponding mark is what NESA records for the internal assessment.

It is important to note that 2 units of English will count towards your ATAR, regardless of how well or how bad, even if it’s your worst subject and you have done 12 units. Once your marks are in it’s out of your hands.
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