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You'll get a FREE 30 Minute consultation session with your soon-to-be tutor.

Let’s be really honest for just one minute. We know why you’re here...

School isn’t enough.

We live in a competitive world, and to survive and thrive, you need a competitive edge. 

Getting a high school scholarship used to just be about your academic skills - but now you’d better have a portfolio and some volunteer experience to go alongside it. 

Requirements for university courses are getting more intense.

And don’t even get me started on the small handful of low-paying jobs available for university graduates. 

If the game is becoming more competitive, wouldn’t you want every advantage you can get?

Most schools won’t give you this edge - a cookie cutter approach to learning in a classroom is just outdated. As the world has sped forwards, schools have been stuck in the dark ages. For the last hundred years, classrooms have been rows of desks with a whiteboard (or an interactive whiteboard, but what difference does it make?) and a teacher trying to tame a class of 30 rowdy students. 

What KIS Academics offers is something else entirely...

Individual, personalised learning with a tutor who has one focus - the student in front of them. Questions are instantly answered by experts, and technology allows resources to be shared with ease. And the most surprising thing of all?

Our students actually enjoy their lessons. 

By focusing not just on test results but mindset and study strategies, we’ll turn any student into a productivity powerhouse who can confidently breeze through tests and exams.

Request a KIS Academics Private Tutor and organise your 30 minute trial session to learn exactly how we can help you succeed and thrive. 

Our goal isn’t just to add a few points to your next test result. 


When school isn’t enough, our goal is to be your secret weapon and to provide you with the edge you require not just in the classroom, but in life. 


Send us your request using the form on this page. The more information you include, the better we can match you to a tutor and a pricing level - all tailored just for you.


We'll review your request and send you an email with a tutor's profile who we think will be a perfect fit based on your needs.


If you like your tutor, send them a message!
They'll get back to you to organise a 100% FREE 30 minute study skills assessment so you can get to know them before starting lessons.

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You'll get a FREE 30 Minute consultation session with your soon-to-be tutor.

One-to-One Online Lessons that Students Love 😍

Skeptical about online tutoring? Trust us, you won't be for long. With tutors specifically trained to deliver content online and use the latest and greatest teaching tools, we'll make you wish you had done things with KIS from the start. Our tutors have all the resources they need to keep students engaged, inspired and interested in what they're learning about. Plus, you'll never have to waste time driving to a tutor ever again.
Still don't believe us?
Just let us blow your mind with our free study skills consultation and soon you'll be a believer too 🤯

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The best tutors you can find 🎓

KIS only hires the top 3% of tutors (and our Year 12 tutors have a median ATAR of 99.70!) meaning that you can learn how to conquer your studies from someone who has done it all before. No more guesswork and no more uncertainty. We know how to help you get your dream scores

FREE study skills consultation 🔥

Paying for an initial lesson with a tutor you've never met is absolutely crazy! And surprisingly, that's what most tutoring places will ask you to do.
We think you deserve to meet your tutor and make sure they're the right fit for you - free of charge.

Interactive sessions 🤓

Online classes and lectures suck because students just sit there without doing anything!
With individualised one-to-one sessions, our tutors will keep students on their toes with worked examples, an interactive whiteboard and quiz questions!

We have hundreds amazing tutors to pair you with

Your personal KIS tutor will guide you and motivate you through the stressful mess of school, scholarships and the ATAR quest.

Not just with chapters and textbooks, but goal setting, understanding of the curriculum, online resources, progress tracking, actionable advice (on academics, organisation and even time management), exam strategies and efficient study habits.

And on top of all of that, who knows? You might even have some fun along the way 😎

We teach students at the most prestigous schools in Victoria

Haileybury College
Mac Robertson Girls’ school
Presbyterian Ladies College
Scotch College Melbourne

We teach students at the most prestigous schools in NEW SOUTH WALES

Sydney Boy’s High School
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Pymble Ladies College
Knox Grammar School

We teach students at the most prestigous schools in WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Hale School
Scotch College Perth
Perth Modern School
St Mary's Anglican Girls School

We teach students at the most prestigous schools in QUEENSLAND

Brisbane Girls Grammar School
Brisbane Boys College
St Peters Lutheran College
Brisbane State High School

We teach students at the most prestigous schools in AUSTRALIA

Scotch College
Methodist Ladies College
Haileybury College
James Ruse Agricultural High School

Request Pricing

You'll get a FREE 30 Minute consultation session with your soon-to-be tutor.

Completely Flexible 🤸

Life is busy - we get that.
That's why KIS Academics has no lock-in-contracts, no lesson packages or anything that takes away YOUR freedom. Whether you want lessons 3 times a week or on an as-need basis, we can cater to your exact situation.

Online born and bred 💻

KIS has always been an online company. Unlike schools and universities that struggled to adapt to online classrooms, we've been doing it for ages - we're pros with technology.
Online is our home and we'll show you just why it's so great.

Tailored specifically to you 🎓

Here's how we do it: We ask questions to get to know your needs then present you with a tutor and a pricing level, completely based on your individual request.
Your tutor will organise a consultation to build a unique plan for your school year and finally you can start seeing them on a completely flexible basis.

KIS Logo of a brain

It's the people around you that help you achieve your potential

That's why we set out to hire only the best tutors in Australia.

What happens during my free study skills consultation?

The study skills consultation is the perfect opportunity to get to know your KIS Academics tutor. Both parents and students are welcome to attend!
Our expert tutors will focus on three things during the study skills assessment:
1. Past performance - How has the student performed in previous years and what areas need improvement
2. Present motivation - Why are they looking for a tutor right now and what help can KIS offer them? What is the student's current learning style?
3. Future dreams - What goals would the student like to set with the tutor, and what would they ultimately like to strive towards.
Our tutors will use all of this information to create an individualised plan for the year, so you know exactly what to expect from your tutoring lessons.

High quality tutors at competitive prices.

We have hundreds of amazing tutors offering top quality services at great prices. Why are they so amazing compared to other companies? It's simple, we pay them so much more. We take a low commission so you can get top scoring tutors at low rates.

We're proud of our reviews.

It's hard to express just how much we care that you have a great experience with us. We invite you to look us up on Facebook, TrustPilot, Instagram and Google. There's plenty of amazing stories from our previous customers.

Spots are limited so don't waste any time!

With demand for online tutoring up after COVID, our specially trained tutors are in high demand. All our tutors have limited spots which run out quickly, and if we've matched you with them, we can only reserve your spot for 48 hours.
Make sure to press "Request Pricing" as soon as possible to get matched to a tutor straight away. If you wait too long, your perfect tutor might get booked out by someone else!