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We will be closing this position as soon as we find the right candidate for the role. Apply ASAP!


KIS stands for keep it simple, so let's keep things simple:

We're an education and tutoring company that's a healthy mix of cool tech + cool people

Our mission is to provide every student with an amazing, personalised education experience

We envision a world where one day technology and genuine human connection can facilitate a unique education for every student across the world

We're made for students, by students (so you'd better love students)

We're all about delighting our customers (and hopefully you are too)

We're looking for an enthusiastic addition to our small and tight-knit team who loves or is super curious about startups.

We're in a growth phase and are ready to scale our operations up to help more students across Australia with best-in-class online and private tutoring.

Our Marketing Specialist will help us grow the business by using a mix of paid + free guerrilla marketing tactics to supercharge our brand awareness, brand messaging and generate consistent, high quality leads.

As a student startup, we're not looking for decades of marketing experience - we want a fast-learning, fast-thinking Jack/Jill of all trades who has a creative knack for marketing strategy, and has a strong knowledge of marketing + sales fundamentals.

Ideally you study marketing or have a little experience in the field, and are keen to learn more and become a "full stack" marketer.

There is potential for this role to develop into a longer term management role as we build out a marketing and sales team. If you're looking to develop new skills and become a leader, you're in the right place!

In this role you'll become 💪

Let's be real - anyone with a head on their shoulders in 2021 should want a role where they'll learn and grow. In this role you'll become...

➡️ A ROI generating superstar at paid marketing platforms like Google and Facebook

➡️ A creative guerrilla marketer who isn't afraid of taking unorthodox risks and trying new things

➡️ A master of copywriting with a silver tongue

➡️ A genius at organising and planning your own calendar and staying productive

➡️ A confident and articulate communicator with a ton of empathy

➡️ A team player who generates ideas and takes action on their own ideas and the ideas of others

➡️ A competent tech wizard who can use a variety of popular marketing platforms (no coding experience required though!)

Qualifications required:

While we aren't looking for an industry veteran, we are looking for someone who is currently studying marketing, or has some experience in the marketing field. You should have some of these key traits:

➡️ Fast learner, self-driven and can think on your feet

➡️ Someone obsessed with advertising, marketing and analytics. You're the kind of person who has watched Mad Men 4 times and screenshots good Instagram ads

➡️ A good copywriter with a mastery of persuasive language and storytelling

➡️ Familiar with the basics of paid ad platforms such as Facebook and Google Business Manager

➡️ Able to build effective, high converting marketing funnels

➡️ Passionate and Hard Working

➡️ Honest

➡️ Organised and responsible with great time management

➡️ If you know about Australia's education system, ATARs, VCE, HSC etc, that's also a bonus!

What you'll get out of this role:

➡️ By far the biggest benefit of this role is how much you'll learn (this will be worth more than any amount of money we could ever pay you!)

➡️ A real and growing marketing budget to put to use as you see fit, with a ton of independence and creative license

➡️ The opportunity to build a team and lead them as the company grows

➡️ You'll have a lot of flexibility to choose your own hours and work when it suits you

➡️ Some bloody great team members (if we don't say so ourselves)

➡️ A lot of independence and responsibility, you'll really be driving the growth of the company

➡️ Amazing startup experience

➡️ Flexible work from home, but a team who loves to catch up for Friday night drinks (restrictions allowing!)

➡️ Fun

➡️ Hours and Pay: We're looking for the best candidate we can find for the role, and are flexible on the hours you'll work and pay structure. We're open to discuss when we meet for an interview!

Join the KIS Team!

This job is now closed
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