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VCE Maths Methods 3/4 2023

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VCE Maths Methods 3/4 2023

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A bit about me

Hi! My name’s Felix, and I graduated with an ATAR of 99.60. I get how stressful VCE can be - as while in highschool myself I was juggling my responsibilities as Vice-Captain, concertmaster for the school orchestra, sport, and of course academics. So trust me when I say I know how hectic high school can get, but at the same time, how incredibly fun the journey is.

Your dream ATAR shouldn’t come at the cost of sacrificing time doing the things you love. By compressing complex concepts into easy-to-understand chunks, I aspire to help you maximise your learning efficiency, such that you have time for other aspects of VCE. With detailed lesson plans for every class, self-made SACS tailored to your weaknesses, and practice VCAA-style exams, I aim to make sure every session is both worthwhile and enjoyable.

I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne, majoring in bioengineering. In my free time, I enjoy the occasional binge of Netflix, admiring my friends' pets, and volleyball.

Cheers for taking the time to read my bio, all the best for the year!

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Felix Zhou

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Science and Biomedicine

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VCE Maths Methods 3/4 2023

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KIS Group Classes

Frequently Asked Questions 🙋

What is Group Tutoring?

Group tutoring is an affordable way to get help from expert tutors. It allows students to learn in a collaborative environment with their peers and can foster a healthy sense of community. Students often love working together with their friends.

KIS tutors run group tutoring in person or online, it varies by class and tutor. Online classes are recommended to save you travel time and make sure you get the best tutor, no matter where you live.

How much does it cost?

Payments for group tutoring are very flexible.

It costs $10 to register and secure your spot.

After that, there are no contracts. You pay just $40/hour, and you're billed after every lesson.

We can save your card to make payments super easy. Or we can send you an invoice which you can pay with your credit or debit card, or using Google or Apple Pay. You can also pay via direct debit.

Please note that we don't accept any other types of payment method. You can find out more here

How many students per class?

Too many students means you don't get enough attention from the tutor, and thus class is boring and not engaging 😴
KIS Group lessons have a maximum of 5 students per class to keep things fun and interactive

Are the tutors any good?

You bet - you can check out our reviews here!

KIS only hires the top tutors in each state.

We recruit the best tutors and top scorers of every year level, vet them with a thorough interview and application process, and then we take them through an intensive training program so that they become the best, most compassionate tutors who really know how to teach.

On top of that, we don't just hire the best, we treat our tutors well with top rates, personal development opportunities, plentiful resources for their subjects, and 24/7 administrative support.

Our group tutors are selected from our best private tutors.

What happens during classes?

Classes are run by KIS Academics' best tutors.
Materials and worksheets are prepared for each class and classes have a set structure to follow, all based off the Australian Curriculum.

Tutors will go through this content together with students in class.

Because there are only 5 students in a group, there are still a lot of opportunities to ask questions and get help from your tutor, so the class is very flexible

How do I communicate with my class?

After registering, you'll be invited to a Discord channel. Discord is a computer program that allows for instant messaging, file sharing and video chat. It is an app used by a lot of educational organisations. You can download it here and get the app on your phone as well.

our tutor will have a channel set specifically for your class. You'll be able to message the tutor and your classmates there.

If you are doing lessons online, your tutor will also run lessons via Discord, where they'll be able to share their screen, as well as send you resources and worksheets.

Can I get access to the online resources?

Yep! All KIS Academics Group Tutoring students will get access to KIS Plus. KIS Plus gives you access to 25+ Online courses for the Australian Curriculum worth over $12,000 dollars.

You'll get access to KIS Plus after your first lesson payment is completed.

As a private tutoring student, you'll get access completely for free! You can learn more about KIS Plus here

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

That's okay! We know life gets busy.

All you need to do is get in touch with your tutor directly and let them know.

However, please keep in mind that we have a cancellation policy - if you cancel a lesson less than 1 hour before the time you arranged with your tutor, you'll get charged 100% of the lesson fee.

So please, if you need to cancel a lesson, do it well in advance!

You can find more details about this in our Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy

Are there any policies I should know?

We do our best to make group tutoring as simple and flexible as possible, but here are some things you should know:

1. There are no lock in contracts and you don’t have to pay for an entire term up front. You just pay lesson by lesson. You can cancel anytime you want

2. There will only ever be a maximum of 5 students per class, but sometimes there may be less than 5 students in a class.

3. If you skip 2 weeks of classes in a row, you’ll be removed from the class to make room for other students. You will need to sign up again and pay the $10 registration fee again. You must also give your tutor at least 1 hour's notice if you can't make it to a class. If you don't, you will be charged a no-show fee. We do this to make sure only students who want to attend come to classes. If you skip classes, we will make room for other students on our waiting list.
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