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This is how I scored a 50 in Specialist Maths

Dear KIS Student,

You might know the feeling...

Cold exam room. Cold sweat. Clock ticking away at the front.

You can feel time slowly slipping away.

Scratch that.

Quickly slipping away.

10 minutes are left on the clock, and for the past 5 minutes you've been staring at this one question. It's not even the last question on the exam but you simply can't leave it blank if you want to get a good mark.

It's one of those really tough differential questions and you can't get your head around the scenario. It's so wordy. But the maths is difficult too. You don't know where to even start, and the worst part?

It's 12 marks in total. A question that has a part a), part b), part c) and probably the rest of the alphabet.

You look up at the clock and now there are 6 minutes left.

As a student, this type of question is your worst nightmare. No matter how much you've prepared, and no matter how much practice you've done - just one unique question can completely throw you off.

And the thing is, these left-of-field questions always come up. They're meant to be difficult and they're meant to be scary. And if you want to do well, you need to be able to answer them.

This is where really understanding maths is so important. Memorising formulas, remembering practice questions and learning the basics simply isn't enough. Examiners know that this is what students do - so they write unique, never-before-seen questions that scare all but the most competent maths students.

But there's no reason you can't learn how to approach these questions as well. By focusing on understanding the maths through and through, while also building systems and strategies to tackle unique scenarios, you can make these previously impossible questions possible. Learn the key concepts of Specialist Maths and break complex questions down into simple parts. Sign up now and I'll guide you to Specialist Maths success.

Clock's ticking. I'll see you on the inside

Your Tutor

Hey Guys,
My name is Eric and I graduated in 2017 as the Specialist Maths Dux of Melbourne High School with an ATAR of 99.85. I was also fortunate enough to receive a raw study score of 50 in both Maths Methods and Specialist Maths, as well as a Premier's award in Specialist Maths.

With my tutoring, I endeavour to establish a strong mathematical foundation and give students the tools and skills necessary to solve problems of any difficult. A common mistake when approaching these subjects is to merely memorise formulas or approaches to certain questions without understanding the underlying principles behind concepts. While this approach can be employed to a certain degree of success, it prevents students from solving the more complex and thought-provoking questions often included in VCAA exams. As such, my core focus will be on understanding fundamental concepts then applying that knowledge to questions of varying difficulties.

Scored a 50 in Specialist

99.85 ATAR

Premier's Award Specialist Maths

High School Specialist Maths Dux

Dentistry Student at LaTrobe

Established Specialist Tutor

This is how I studied to ace Specialist Maths

Here's everything that's included in my course.


In-depth video library covering exam relevant content


Succinct, easy to understand, condensed videos. These teach you WELL and they teach you FAST. They're the most efficient way to learn content and beat the competition


Exam Success Blueprint


One set of concise master notes for exam revision. Worksheets can be used alongside video content to create your own exam blueprint. If you need to review content from the course, simply access the annotated notes to see exactly what was covered in the video!


Exam Question Masterclasses


Get inside the mind of a top scoring student to see how they deconstruct the most difficult exam questions into simple concepts. Copy and paste their strategies into your own exam playbook.

Image of the KIS Mindset Module Online Course


The KIS Mindset Module


Through our research, we've worked out the number 1 difference between those who succeed and those who struggle: Mindset.
To become a top scoring student, you need to think like a top scoring student. We'll teach you how.

Total Value: $2218

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I was struggling quite a lot with spesh at the start of the year but now that I've been using Eric's course for help with VCE stuff, my marks have begun to improve quite rapidly. It was quite a learning curve going from cramming everything like I did beforehand and now doing a bit of work more consistently, but I stuck to it and was able to adapt really quickly. The mindset module definitely helped a lot too

Mike J
2020 Graduate
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How much do the online courses cost?

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Due to the exclusivity of this High Performance Program, we can't let every single student in the state subscribe! So we're going to be releasing this course in limited runs. If you miss out now, you might not get another chance to access thousands of dollars worth of resources! Don't miss out on the opportunity to access all of these resources