Although I may have survived Year 12, I cannot say I survived it whilst also dealing with a pandemic. I’ll admit you have it tough. Although these are motivation techniques I used usually during school holidays whilst studying at home or for currently studying at university, I’m sure they would equally apply for you studying at home right now.

Here are some tactics to help you stay motivated throughout the school day from home:

1. Keep to your normal school routine schedule.

If you usually set your alarm for 7:30 am, keep it that way. Setting a schedule and sticking to it can help increase your productivity and keep motivation levels high. It will also make sure you don’t sleep through any first-period classes!

2.Take lunch, recess and after school breaks.

Taking breaks is key to not burning out. Try going for a walk, having something to eat, or simply chatting with your family. No matter what you do, step away from your desk and refresh your mind so you’re ready to keep studying afterwards.

3.Exercise regularly.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that you’re much less inclined to study when you’re tired or distracted. Avoid the 3 pm motivation crash by going for a jog or doing some yoga. You’ll feel physically and mentally refreshed and ready to hit the books again.

Staying motivated can be difficult. But we both know that at the end of the day, the more work you put in today, the better prepared you will be for your exams. Keep your ATAR goals in mind and stay ahead of the competition!

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