VCE Scaling Report 2019

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By Dylan Kay
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View the KIS Academics VCE Scaling report 2022 here.

You won’t believe the results from VTAC’s scaling statistics in 2019. I found the scalings of the most popular VCE subjects so you don’t have to.

Whoah! Don’t drop that subject just yet.

Hold your horses, you might be very tempted to use these statistics to decide which subjects you take into Year 12. You could be making a huge mistake, you need to understand how the system works. Click here to read my analysis on how and why your subjects are scaled.

How to read the VTAC Scaling Report

VTAC publishes their Scaling report every year, and every year there’s another surprise. The report shows every permissible VCE subject and the corresponding scaling done to each student’s raw scores of that year. Click this link to take a look at the official scaling report for 2019.

On the left of the table is the subject and it’s corresponding subject code. The numbered columns on the right (20, 25…. 45, 50) represent what the study score was scaled to. For example, a raw score of 20 in Accounting was scaled down to 19. Take a look at the last row, a raw score of 45 in Biology was scaled up to a 46.

What subject got scaled up the most in 2019?

Latin. A 30 score in Latin was scaled up to a 46! That’s a whole 16 points. Even with a 20 raw study score in Latin it was scaled up to a 35. In order to get a 50 scaled score you ONLY had to score a 35 raw. Why is one of the first languages of the human race so hard to learn?

What subject got scaled down the most in 2019?

Industry and Enterprise. Students doing IE took a whopping 10 points to their raw study score. A 30 was scaled down to a 20 scaled score!

How much was English scaled in 2019?

English was scaled down by about 2 points. A 30 raw score was bumped down to a 28. English usually gets scaled down every year.

How much was Literature scaled in 2019?

Literature was only scaled up by 1 point. A 30 raw score was scaled to a 31. The scaling difference between English and Literature is actually less than people usually think. Here’s all the English subjects side-by-side:

English Subjects with Scaling

How much was Further Maths scaled in 2019?

Further Mathematics was scaled down by 3 points. Which means a 30 study score in Further was equivalent to a 27 scaled score. Further maths always cops it, that’s because all three mathematics studies are scaled against each other. Read more about it in this article by VTAC.

How much was Maths Methods scaled in 2019?

Mathematical Methods was scaled up moderately by 4 points. A 30 study score was bumped up to a 34. But if you scored a 35 raw it was bumped up to a 40!

How much was Specialist Maths scaled in 2019?

As usual Specialist Maths was scaled up significantly by about 11 points. A 30 raw score jump up to a 41 scaled. You only needed a 39 raw to get a 50 scaled and even if you got a 20 raw it was bumped up to a 27. The scaling makes it a pretty tempting subject to study, but it can be a huge risk if you don't have the resources you need to keep up with the content (thats why we made our spesh high performance program). Here's all three Maths subjects for comparison:

How much was Business Management scaled in 2019?

Business Management was scaled down by about 4 points. So a 30 raw score got you a 26 scaled score, but if you scored a 45 it was only dropped to a 44. BusMan students had to work hard to keep their marks.

How much was HHD scaled in 2019?

Health and Human Development was scaled down by 4 points. This means a 30 raw in HHD was scaled to a 26. Valuable life lessons to you and me, but apparently not to VTAC.

How much was Psychology scaled in 2019?

Psychology was scaled down by about 2 points. A 30 study score was scaled to 28. We’re actually looking for a Psychology tutor so let us know if you score a 50!

How much was Biology scaled in 2019?

Biology was only slightly scaled up, a 30 raw score was still worth a 30 scaled score. But if you did score a 35 it was bumped up to a 36. Considering how many other subjects get scaled down, this is decent.

How much was Chemistry scaled in 2019?

Chemistry was scaled up by 4 points, a 30 raw score got bumped to a 34. Clearly everyone had a hard time with Redox Reactions. Although if you scored higher like a 45 it was only scaled to a 47.

How much was Physical Education scaled in 2019?

Physical Education was scaled down by 3 points. A 30 raw score was bumped down to a 27 scaled score. No matter how fast you can run 100m.

Legal studies was scaled down by 2 points. A 30 raw score was altered to a 28. You might bringing in the big money later, but for now you’re getting scaled down.

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