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Manoj Arachige
Founder, KIS Academics
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I'm Manoj, the founder and CEO of KIS Academics. I make sure to review every single tutoring request before it gets sent through to you.
Because I believe that a tutor and a student should not have the same power-dynamic as a teacher and a student at school. A tutor and a student should work like a team - and you deserve the best teammate to be on your side.

KIS places a lot of emphasis on finding the perfect tutor based on your individual needs. Soon you'll be receiving an email from us with your tutor pairing, and we'll also give you a call if we need to double check anything. I'm confident you'll love your tutor during the free trial session and if you're ever dissatisfied, you can always reach out to us and we'll be sure to review your needs and pair you with someone new.

Thanks for choosing KIS Academics ❤️

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Face-to-face & Online Tutoring

With tutors specifically trained to deliver content online + in person and use the latest and greatest teaching tools, we'll make you wish you had done things with KIS from the start. Our tutors have all the resources they need to keep students engaged, informed and interested in what they're learning about. Still don't believe us?
Just let us blow your mind with our free study skills consultation and soon you'll be a believer too 🤯

Here's what will happen during your free study skills consultation

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The best tutors you can find 🎓

KIS only hires the top 3% of high school graduates - meaning that you can learn how to conquer your studies from someone who has done it all before. No more guesswork and no more uncertainty. We know how to help you get your dream scores

Interactive sessions 🤓

Classrooms and lectures suck because students just sit there without doing anything! With individualised one-to-one sessions, our tutors will keep students on their toes with worked examples, an interactive whiteboard and quiz questions!

Online Resources 💻

Supplement your tutoring with some stellar resources created by our best tutors. Sign up for a KIS online course to get access to worksheets, quizzes and videos to get ahead of the classroom and stay on top of your studies!

Everyone Loves KIS Academics ❤️

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Payments made simple

Your first study skills consultation with your tutor is free. No credit card details required, no lock in contract, no obligation to continue if you're not satisfied. It's as easy as pie 🥧
Afterwards, KIS uses a unique system called Tutorpay to make lesson payments simple as well. With Tutorpay, all payments are automated to occur after your lesson and with complete flexibility. Cancel, reschedule and extend lessons as much as you like - we can keep up!

Learn more about how our payments work

FREE study skills consultation 🔥

Paying for an initial lesson with a tutor you've never met is absolutely crazy! And surprisingly, that's what most tutoring places will ask you to do. We think you deserve to meet your tutor and make sure they're the right fit for you - free of charge.

Only get charged after a lesson ✅

KIS will never charge your card before a lesson. We keep detailed logs of the days and times lessons occur so everything is recorded. You'll also receive a receipt after every lesson as confirmation

100% secure payment gateway 🔒

Our payments processor - Stripe - is used by some of the biggest companies in the world (Amazon, Zoom, Google and even the US Stock exchange!) so you can rest assured that your details are safe.

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It's the people around you that help you achieve your potential

That's why we set out to hire only the best tutors in Australia.

What happens during my free study skills consultation?

The study skills consultation is the perfect opportunity to get to know your KIS Academics tutor. Both parents and students are welcome to attend!
Our expert tutors will focus on three things during the study skills assessment:
1. Past performance - How has the student performed in previous years and what areas need improvement
2. Present motivation - Why are they looking for a tutor right now and what help can KIS offer them? What is the student's current learning style?
3. Future dreams - What goals would the student like to set with the tutor, and what would they ultimately like to strive towards.
Our tutors will use all of this information to create an individualised plan for the year, so you know exactly what to expect from your tutoring lessons.

High quality tutors at competitive prices.

We have hundreds of amazing tutors offering top quality services at great prices. Why are they so amazing compared to other companies? It's simple, we pay them so much more. We take a low commission so you can get top scoring private tutors at low rates.

We're proud of our reviews.

It's hard to express just how much we care that you have a great experience with us. We invite you to look us up on Facebook, TrustPilot, Instagram and Google. There's plenty of amazing stories from our previous customers.

Spots are limited so don't waste any time!

Once you've been matched with a tutor, make sure to contact them within 48 hours. All our tutors have limited spots which run out quickly, and if we've matched you with them, we can only reserve your spot for 48 hours. After that, your tutor may be matched with other students or parents, so make sure to contact them for your free study skills assessment before you lose your spot!