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Poor or subpar grades
Exceptional grades and structured study
Low interest in school work
Unmatched desire and dedication
Lack of sleep and poor lifestyle
Sleep and mood improved

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Perfect ATARs (99.95)
Top Subject Scores
Chancellor's Scholars
School Captains
Doctors and Medical Students
US College Scolarship Recipients
ATAR 99.95
Manoj's Photo
Read More About Manoj
Manoj Arachige

Hello there!! I'm Manoj and I sold my soul to the devil in order to survive year 12. My mission is to make sure you don't have to do the same.

I graduated high school in 2016 as the School captain and a Dux of my high school with a 99.95 ATAR and a study score of 50 in chemistry. I really enjoyed the subject, but hated studying.

Throughout year 12, I made it my goal to study as efficiently as possible, cutting all the unnecessary information from my learning, and focusing on only the important stuff so I wouldn't have to give up things I love like sport and having a social life. Once I graduated, I taught these methods to my students, and after a few years of being a "generalised" tutor who taught multiple subjects, I decided to really focus on the subject that I loved teaching and the subject that students love learning from me: Chemistry.

Nowadays I break my time up between studying the Doctor of Medicine at Monash, playing the guitar, and catching up with friends for a very generic avocado on toast.

ATAR 99.95

High School Dux

Scored a 50 in Chemistry

Lauren - A KIS Tutor
Read More About Lauren
Lauren Savige

Hi! My name’s Lauren and I live and breathe business studies. In between studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Finance at Monash University and listening to my favourite Business podcasts, I spend my time helping VCE students ace Business Management I completed the VCE in 2017 at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School achieving an ATAR of 98.80 and a study score of 50 in Business Management. I was also awarded a VCE Premier’s Award for the subject and the Business Studies Prize at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar.

Since finishing high school, I have delivered lectures, tutored and written study guides for VCE Business Management and other commerce subjects. I aim to offer my VCE Business Management students information that relates the course to the real world – and hopefully, this will make your studies seem more interesting as well!

98.80 ATAR

Scored a 50 in BusMan

Lecturer of Busman and other Commerce subjects

Benjamin - A KIS Tutor
Read More About Ben
Benjamin Arya

Hey, my name is Benjamin and I graduated high school in 2019 as the two-time Dux of Brisbane Boys’ College with a 99.95 ATAR, and near-perfect study scores in all of my subjects.

Currently, I am a Chancellor’s Scholar at the University of Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine (Chancellor’s Scholars) and Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program.

I have now tutored over 30 Year 7-12 Students in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, Further Maths, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths in person or online.

I’ve also mentored dozens of students with Year 12 Study Skills and Strategy Consultations over the phone.

Trust me, I’ve been there before. That was me not so long ago, a year 12 student feeling stressed, directionless and worried that when I got my ATAR text at the end of the year, I’d be left disappointed, broken and questioning what the future would hold.

But I made it. And I can help you do the same!

99.95 ATAR

Near-perfect scores in ALL subjects

Chancellor's Scholarship at the University of Melbourne

Jack - A KIS Tutor
Read More About Jack
Jack Li

Hi! My name is Jack, and as a recent high school graduate, I know exactly how you must be feeling towards your own VCE journey. All the pressure you’re put under by your school, parents and yourself to do well will lead to a lot of one-nighters and stress throughout the year. I had my fair share of these moments when I was in Year 11 and 12 and my goal is to use my own experiences to ensure that you will be able to study in the best way possible and also have enough time to do the things you love.

While I was completing VCE, I juggled studying with playing in the firsts team for two sports, a lot of music rehearsals and school leadership duties. I was forced to organise my time extremely well and my busy lifestyle pushed me to find efficient and effective ways of studying. I learnt how to condense and breakdown concepts quickly and I believe I can maximise your academic potential and study efficiency.

Now that high school is over, I am studying Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne. Although I’m terrible at it, I enjoy playing tennis with friends and I also love to go for runs and play badminton.

99.95 ATAR

Scored a 50 in Methods

High School Dux

Joanne - A KIS Tutor
Read More About Joanne
Joanne Liu

Hi there!

My name is Joanne :) I’ve been a maths tutor for almost 4 years now, and I hope that I can help you in your journey to understand what can be a tricky field.

If you feel like you are falling behind in Maths and just can’t keep up or you just don’t understand what’s going on, I can help you. I have an effective and easy-to- understand teaching style which will focus on: helping you understand maths, how to write good articles, improving your weaknesses, whilst also refining your strengths. I will create a personalised plan to help you achieve your goals. I have plenty of resources from kindergarten to senior years, which I will tailor to your needs in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible.

I have worked at a tutoring college, where I helped Year 12 students develop their mathematics in Extension 1 and 2 (HSC equivalent of Specialist Maths and Maths Methods). I also currently tutor students in Victoria. In addition, I have participated in many Australian maths competitions, including the UNSW Mathematics Competition (my photo is still displayed on the main page of their website).

I currently study Medicine at Melbourne Uni, but I love to go to the gym and go on hikes in my spare time. I also love photography!! (I have way too many photos on my camera roll).

99.90 ATAR

HSC 3U Maths 99

James Ruse Agricultural High School

Aedan - A KIS Tutor
Read More About Aedan
Aedan McMahon

I'm a current medical student with GPA 7, who graduated in 2015 with a high OP1 (ATAR 99.85). I've had over a thousand hours of experience in tutoring Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths Specialist, Maths Methods, English and German over the past five years. I was in the top 5 at BSHS, the biggest secondary school in Queensland, for every one of these except English (though I achieved a VHA 8 and ranked in the top 10 regardless). Since finishing school, I have obtained a Bachelor of Medical Science with Distinction (cumulative GPA 7). I'm now also employed as a tutor in Medical Anatomy as well as Neuroscience.

I believe my results with students speak for themselves, with my past students including a Dux of Brisbane State High School and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In addition, I’ve specifically coached numerous students into a career in medicine. My approach to content sets my apart from other tutors, in the that I focus on making sure my students truly understand content at the deepest possible level rather than advocating simple memorisation. I also weave through my lessons principles of studying, taking exams and doing assignments to maximise effectiveness.

99.85 ATAR

1000+ hours of tutoring experience

Top 10 in all subjects

Tamsyn - A KIS Tutor
Read More About Tamsyn
Tamsyn Lovass

Hi! My name is Tamsyn and I graduated as Dux of Strathcona BGGS in 2019, with an ATAR of 99.90, including a raw 50 in Chemistry. Having just completed VCE, I am familiar with how stressful it can be. However, I am also very aware of how a calm, consistent approach with attention to keeping on top of key concepts and how to apply them, can lead to success.

I have a passion for Chemistry, but completely understand it is not everyone’s thing! I also have a strong knowledge base, having completed first year university maths and chemistry. Having already helped many peers with both the basics and intricacies of Chemistry, I would love to help you understand the mysteries of Chemistry and achieve your goals.

99.90 ATAR

Scored a 50 in Chemistry

Dux of Strathcona BGGS

Akanksha - A KIS Tutor
Read More About Akanksha
Akanksha Das

Hi, I'm Akanksha and although it has been almost 3 years since I graduated, it still feels like yesterday that I was stressing out because I hadn't done enough prep for my exams, or the fact that I hadn't gotten enough sleep.

For me, the experiences that a student has during high school shapes them and impacts who they are for the rest of their lives. During my time in high school, I was a very confused student. Not only did I not understand content fast enough, it was hard for me to study properly and to manage my time, and I had difficulty focusing and remembering why I needed to study. We all have moments at some point in our lives where we think we aren't going to do well enough or accomplish our goals. My aim is to use my own experiences to help you study in a way that helps you unlock your potential, help you to become more confident about the things you learn, and help you gain skills that you'll take through your life.

By the time it got to my WACE exams, I knew how to organise my time well, how to revise concepts efficiently, and how to identify my strengths and weaknesses in a subject easily. I believe that I can help YOU reach your potential.

A little about me: I am currently in my third year of a six year pathway in the Doctor of Medicine at UWA. However, I spend most of my time watching my favourite movies and tv shows such as The Office (US version only)- even when I'm at uni :P, dancing, and playing the piano and the ukulele.

99.75 ATAR

Doctor of Medicine Student

WACE Maths Methods 96

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