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The KIS High Performance Program gives you access to an entire library of resources that are valued at $2313.  
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A pathway to 90+ in

Advanced Maths

Advanced Maths

Mitch Millett

Scored a 97 in Mathematics
99.7 ATAR
UWS Medical Student
School Captain
High School Dux
Established Maths Tutor

This is how I got a 95+ study score. I can help you do the same.

Advanced Maths

Are you looking to improve your marks for Advanced Mathematics? Are you struggling with concepts or don't know where to start on your journey to success?

Picture this: stress-free exam preparation and resources to refine your skills - all at your fingertips, accompanied by the high marks you know are possible to achieve. Does that sound too good to be true?

I can assure you, it is not.

This Mathematics program will help you get there. With an entirely online-based learning management system, the course includes video content for everything you need to know in the syllabus, as well as practise questions for each topic and extensive homework to ensure your familiarity with every part of the course.

1. Online centralised LMS with resources you can access at any time.
2. Videos explaining every concept and every part of the syllabus.
3. Practise questions and worked solutions.
4. Discussion board for you to ask me questions, updated on a regular basis.  

1. Convenient learning centred around the LMS for ease of access at any time, anywhere.
2. The confidence in knowing you'll be able to achieve the marks you dream of.
3. Ongoing support to assist you and develop your skills every step of the way.

At this point, you have a choice ahead of you.

Continue to work on your own without changing any guidance. You won't be receiving any help because you can manage on your own, but you also won't see drastic changes in your results - when you do the same thing over and over again, you can't expect different results. Or you could receive the guidance you're after and sign up now. With the right help, you can be sure to take your results to the next level.

Clock's ticking. I'll see you on the inside

This is how I studied to get a top score

Here's everything that's included in this KIS High Performance course:


In-depth video library covering exam relevant content

(Value $997)
Succinct, easy to understand, condensed videos. These teach you WELL and they teach you FAST. They're the most efficient way to learn HSC content and beat the competition

Click here to view the ENTIRE Curriculum
Exam ready from day 1

Exam success blueprint

(Value $199)
One set of concise master notes for exam revision. Worksheets can be used alongside video content to create your own exam blueprint. If you need to review content from the course, simply access the annotated notes to see exactly what was covered in the video!

See how the pros do it

Exam Question Guides

(Value $867)
Get inside the mind of a top scoring student to see how they deconstruct the most difficult exam questions into simple concepts. Copy and paste their strategies into your own exam playbook.

Change the way you think

The KIS Mindset Module

(Value $150)
Through our research, we've worked out the number 1 difference between those who succeed and those who struggle: Mindset
To become a top scoring student, you need to think like a top scoring student. We'll teach you how.


Join the KIS Community

(Value $100)
They say you adopt the traits of the people who are around you - so why not surround yourself with some of the most motivated and intelligent students in the state. Share strategies, answer questions and achieve your goals - together.

Total Value: $2313

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Listen to what our past students have said...

This is one of the few HSC programs that actually WORKS

Only a few chapters into the course but finding it super helpful already! The mindset module literally changed my perspective of how to approach study and be productive. The actual content is engaging and all my tutors for KIS HSC subjects are great and make the content easy to understand. I'm doing both Maths as well as Chemistry with them and all courses so far have been helping me improve my marks even with all the COVID confusion going on.

Jessie A
Current KIS Student
Advanced Mathematics

The advanced mathematics course is super useful. I have good teachers etc at school but this course helps me structure the content and revise everything in a quick and easy way. The best thing is that the worksheets and the resources are all so concise that it takes no time to consolidate your understanding and then apply it to answering questions. All the sample questions are really helpful too and its great seeing just how a high scoring ex-student thinks and answers those really tough example questions

Hiruthi V
Current Student
Advanced Mathematics

The KIS Program for Advanced maths is so good that I pretty much don't need to go to another tutor at all. Advanced maths is a subject that's usually quite doable for me and it would be a waste of money paying heaps for a tutor if I didn't need that much help. So having everything online and easy to access as well is super useful and affordable. I defs prefer it to paying for private tuition

Vinusha W
Current Student
Advanced Mathematics

Mitch is such a good tutor. His explanations in the videos are real engaging but also super easy to understand. Told my friends doing Advanced Maths to jump on since it was so useful

John L
Current Student
Advanced Mathematics
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And I actually respond to student messages and questions!

KIS Gives Students What They Want

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Value of $2313

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Advanced Maths


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After The FREE 7 days, it's just $7.50per week (I know, its' super cheap) and you can stay enrolled as long as you like.
You'll stop being billed as soon as you unsubscribe - no need to stay if you don't like it

BUT time is of the essence!

Hurry! Enrolments are filling up!

Enrolments for this term are almost gone!

Due to the exclusivity of this High Performance Program, we can't let every single  student in NSW subscribe! So we're going to be releasing this course in limited runs. If you miss out now, you might not get another chance to access thousands of dollars worth of resources! Don't miss out on the opportunity to access all of these resources for FREE

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Things that cost more than the High Performance Program

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KIS High Performance Program

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Your Tutor

Mitch Millett

Hey, I'm Mitch, but you can call me Mitchell if you like. I graduated year 12 last year in 2019, so I'm well versed in what lies ahead for you. From trial exams, to the glorious memes in the HSC discussion group; year 12 is both challenging and one of the best times of your life. But guess what, I'm here to help with the challenges! I know from my own experience that having someone to guide you through is an amazing help (especially when they're as much of a nerd as me). I graduated as school captain and dux of Blaxland High School with a 99.7 ATAR. And as you may have guessed as a maths tutor, I'm a real lover of STEM subjects. In my free time, I enjoy reading, running, travelling and (weather permitting) skiing. I feel the best way to keep down stress is to keep doing the things you love; so I'm going to help make sure you don't have to give them up to stay on that study grind. I'm currently studying Doctor of Medicine at UWS, and enjoying the isolation.