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Dear Parent,

Are you looking for a private tutor to help supercharge your child's grades?
Are you riddled with worry about how they're doing at school?

Everybody knows it, and everybody does it - tutoring is now the norm. When the support you receive from school simply isn't enough, that's when outside help is needed.
Nothing comes close to the one-to-one attention a private tutor can deliver.


But let me guess...

You're overwhelmed with options. Tutoring agencies call you up in the middle of the night to sell you a 10-session-packaged-contract with some tutor whose name you don't even know. You scroll the horrible marketplace websites with thousands of tutor listings and each one looks the exact same.

And all the while you still don't know the best way to help your child.

You're not actually struggling to find a tutor - there are just so many options that you don't know how to cut away all the smoke and mirrors. You just want find a tutor who'll actually do the one thing they're supposed to do - help a student with their studies.

Like all parents, you want the best for your child, and tutoring is an investment in their future. But when so much rides on what you choose, it's an excruciatingly difficult investment to make.

If that's the case... then this report will be the most important thing you read all year.

It contains hand-picked and battle-tested strategies that you can use right now when searching for the perfect tutor for your child.
These 9 bulletproof steps will ensure that when you go to that first lesson with a tutor, you'll know with absolute certainty that you're making the right choice. It's a quick read (I promise!) but a very very important one too.

The report is yours free, just enter your details and hit the "download" button below, and these crucial tips will be sent straight into your inbox to ensure you make the right investment in your child's future.

What you'll discover in this free report:

  • The 3 unmissable questions you absolutely MUST ask every tutor when you first meet them (Forget to ask these and you could be in for trouble)
  • How to fact-check scammy tutors who know nothing about the curriculum they're supposed to teach (catch them before it's too late!)
  • How to tell if tutoring is even worth it for your child (This is a question you have to answer RIGHT NOW)
  • The COVID question: Should I get online tutoring or is it a waste of my time (This will surprise you)
  • The 3 types of tutors you must avoid to stop them from lighting your money on fire
Manoj Arachige

Why should you even listen to us?

Hello there! I'm Manoj - the CEO and Founder of Keep It Simple Academics (Or KIS Academics for short).

KIS Academics is an Australia-wide tutoring company that has helped hundreds of students achieve their academic potential. Through these last few years, I've learned a thing or two about how tutoring works. Now it's my goal to grow KIS Academics and help more students across Australia achieve their dreams (and somehow balance my medical degree too! 😅)

In the last three years:

✅ We've helped C students get straight As.

✅ We've helped wannabe doctors get into Australia's best medical schools

✅ We've helped students who live in rural towns gain opportunities to go to city universities.

✅ We've helped students who hate maths find their passion for it

✅ We've even helped some students get into an IVY league college.

But rather than toot our own horn about all our success stories, allow me to show you what our past students and parents have said about KIS Academics...

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