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6 weeks of online tutoring in ALL your VCE subjects for $90


Help your child stay on top of VCE at home during the Stage 4 lockdown.

Limited to 100 enrolments

A pathway to a 40+ study score in


Stage 4 Lockdowns in Victoria means school has moved back online.
But while a look out the window might make you think the entire state has stopped moving, VCE is still proceeding full steam ahead for Victorian students.

Chances are your high schooler is feeling a bit lost or unmotivated, and maybe even a bit annoyed at everything that is going on.

And chances are, you aren't too sure what to do to help.

Fair enough though! These are unprecedented times. Nobody remembers the last time the entire world shut down because of a global pandemic.

Plenty of parents have rushed to find out how to help their children in the midst of this mayhem, but it can be hard to find something that ticks all the boxes of being high quality, affordable and accessible.

As ex-high school students and current university students, we know exactly how COVID has impacted your child. Chances are we're in a very similar boat, which is why we're doing a limited run of our VCE Hall Pass as Victoria moves into Stage 4 restrictions.
We know exactly what it feels like to be a student stuck at home with exams and assignments stressing us out, and we know what helps and what doesn't.

KIS Academics programs have been constructed to provide an added focus on study skills to help students study smarter, not harder, and stay motivated while working from home.
We don't have lengthy lectures that bore students when they could just as easily be on Netflix or Youtube. All our content is short, snappy 10 minute videos that explain a topic in teenager language, not PHD professor jargon (mostly because we're still teenagers ourselves).

But the tutors aren't just any random kids off the street - they're the creme de la creme. Perfect subject scoring, perfect ATAR tutors studying some of the hardest courses at uni, who have the teaching skills to match their impressive resumes.

Everything is easy to access, on any device, no matter where you are.
Definitely a nice bit of variety from spending an entire school day on zoom.

And for the duration of this lockdown, ALL our subjects can be accessed for $90.

Not $90 per subject, but $90 in total.

We're limiting this offer to the first 100 signups so that our tutors can still manage to answer student questions and provide some personalised support without being completely bombarded, so please sign up below before we close enrollments.

Each course is designed by one of our expert tutors

Experienced Tutors
Medical Students
High School Dux's and captains
Multiple Premiers Awards
99.95 ATARs
Perfect 50 Scorers in their subjects

This is what you get... for EVERY subject

Here's everything that's included in our KIS High Performance Programs


In-depth video library covering exam relevant content

Succinct, easy to understand, condensed videos. These teach you WELL and they teach you FAST. They're the most efficient way to learn HSC content and beat the competition

Exam ready from day 1

Exam success blueprint

One set of concise master notes for exam revision. Worksheets can be used alongside video content to create your own exam blueprint. If you need to review content from the course, simply access the annotated notes to see exactly what was covered in the video!

See how the pros do it

Exam Question Masterclasses

Get inside the mind of a top scoring student to see how they deconstruct the most difficult exam questions into simple concepts. Copy and paste their strategies into your own exam playbook.

Change the way you think

The KIS Mindset Module

Through our research, we've worked out the number 1 difference between those who succeed and those who struggle: Mindset
To become a top scoring student, you need to think like a top scoring student. We'll teach you how.


Join the KIS Community

They say you adopt the traits of the people who are around you - so why not surround yourself with some of the most motivated and intelligent students in the state. Share strategies, answer questions and achieve your goals - together.

Normally this would cost  $315 for 6 weeks

We'll give you 6 weeks of EVERYTHING for $90

The Hall Pass includes access to ALL of your VCE Subjects


VCE Chemistry High Performance Program
Manoj Arachige


VCE Mathematical Methods High Performance Program
Jack Li


VCE Biology High Performance Program
Jun Kim

Specialist Mathematics

VCE Specialist Mathematics High Performance Program
Eric Huang

Further Mathematics

VCE Further Mathematics High Performance Program
Fraser Angus


VCE Business Management High Performance Program
Lauren Savige

Health and Human Development

VCE Health and Human Development High Performance Program
Piper Montag

Listen to what our past students have said...

This is one of the few VCE programs that actually WORKS

Only a few chapters into the course but finding it super helpful already! The mindset module literally changed my perspective of how to approach study and be productive. The actual content is engaging and all my tutors for KIS VCE subjects are great and make the content easy to understand. I'm doing both Maths as well as Chemistry with them and all courses so far have been helping me improve my marks even with all the COVID confusion going on.

Rachael G
Current Student
Specialist Maths

"I truly could not have asked for a better tutor this year. Jun is one of the rare people who manages to combine incredible intellect with exceptional communication skills and a good sense of humour. Not only does he know the course back to front (including what you do and don't need to study), he understands the best ways to communicate this knowledge to students, in an engaging manner. Jun is one of the best teachers I've ever seen, and seeking his help and advice proved invaluable to me"

Nathan S
2017 Graduate

"Jun explains content extremely well and in a way that was easy to understand. He also gave me lots of confidence in my own ability. The best thing about Jun was that his recorded sessions about allowed me to focus on what I did well and what I struggled with, and at the end of the year, in preparation for the exam, I could focus on the parts I struggled with."

Thomas H
2018 Graduate

Value of $315

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Hall Pass

Sign up for $90
Access as much as you want for 6 weeks
Students will get access to all resources across the 7 subjects KIS offers.
Each program covers important study skills plus all VCE content, taught by a 50 scoring student.

You won't be charged a cent for the first 7 days after enrolling. If you don't like the course, you can opt-out at any time during the free trial and you won't be charged at all.

After The FREE 7 days, it's just $7.50 per week (I know, its' super cheap) and you can stay enrolled as long as you like.
You'll stop being billed as soon as you unsubscribe - no need to stay if you don't like it

Limited to 100 enrolments

Hurry! Enrolments are filling up!

Sign up before the 100 spots run out

Our tutors will answer any and all questions students post, while making sure to periodically upload new masterclasses and make sure the course content is up to date with curriculum changes. As such, we have to limit enrolments so that our tutors aren't overwhelmed with questions. Please make sure to sign up as soon as possible before we close this offer.

KIS Offers The HIGHEST VALUE Tutoring available

Most of the time, tutoring will cost you +$50 per hour for one subject.

We're giving you an opportunity to get 6 weeks of tutoring in all of your subjects that we offer for a
one time price of $90