VCE ATAR Calculator and Analysis

Calculate your ATAR and receive a free report on the best techniques to statistically improve your marks, created by the KIS VCE ATAR Algorithm!

Remember this is only a prediction! VTAC changes it’s scalings ever year and your ATAR depends on how YOUR scores compare to EVERYONE ELSE’S in your year.

Get a personalised ATAR Report

Predict your ATAR using our VCE ATAR Calculator and we’ll use our statistical analysis algorithm to email you a personalised report about YOUR individual ATAR and Study scores, including:

  • Which of your VCE subjects gets scaled up the most?
  • Which of your VCE subjects has the worst scaling?
  • Which of your VCE subjects contributes the least to your ATAR? (Especially if you’re thinking about dropping a subject)
  • Which subject should you focus on to increase your ATAR the most (this will probably surprise you!)
  • An individualised recommendation on how you can increase your ATAR.

How do you calculate your ATAR?

  1. Enter your RAW Unit 3 and 4 study score for your English Subject into the first row.
  2. Enter your RAW Unit 3 and 4 study score for up to 6 subjects in the following rows.

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