VCE Chemistry 3/4

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In the Excellence Program you will receive:

  • The KIS chemistry video repository which covers ALL of Chemistry units 3 and 4
  • Masterclass Program
  • Example question videos
  • Data book videos
  • Worksheets and notes
  • VCE Strategy Consultation Call

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5 reviews for VCE Chemistry 3/4

  1. Dylan (verified owner)

    Great course, lots of detailed and thorough content

  2. Amy L (verified owner)

    Manoj has been an excellent chemistry mentor! His patience, prompt response time and method of explaining and teaching has made it extremely easy for me to understand and apply new concepts. His tutoring services has been extremely beneficial to my studies- would 100% recommend!

  3. Abdullah M (verified owner)

    I was tutored by Manoj for Chemistry 3/4 in Year 12 and it was honestly the best decision I could’ve made. At the start of the year I believed I was out of my depth in Chemistry, and underperformed on the first few SACs. Thankfully, I sought out Manoj and my results were completely turned around. He was able to explain the content in a way that was fresh and incredibly easy to understand, and helped me immeasurably in the second half of the year, which culminated in a study score of 42, far higher than I originally expected. I cannot recommend him enough!

  4. Sam B (verified owner)

    I sometimes struggle to understand fundamental concepts and often get lost about what information I should learn for assessment tasks. Manoj was my saviour! He made sure I understood topics and was thorough in his explanations. Most importantly, he caters his tutoring to what you need to know for VCAA exams.

  5. Vinuthi W (verified owner)

    The KIS videos break down the content really well and make it very easy to understand concepts. It’s only the start of the year but the course is already making my life easier at school. I definitely recommend signing up for KIS’s courses if you haven’t already!

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