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The KIS High Performance Program gives you access to an entire library of resources that are valued at $2313.  
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A pathway to 90+ in



Mina Saweris

State Ranking Chemistry
99.95 ATAR
UNSW Medical Student
State Ranking English
High School Dux
Established Chemistry Tutor

This is how I got a 95+ study score. I can help you do the same.


Have you been struggling with chemistry in school? Are you feeling lost and are looking for a way to succeed in chemistry so you can get the ATAR you need to get into the course you're after? Imagine having the confidence to know exactly how to handle this subject, from course content to exam technique. Imagine going into chemistry exams without feeling stressed or worried about how you'll do.

This course can get you there.

The people I've shared this material with have said many things, but the one thing they had in common was this: they all achieved results in Band 6 for HSC Chemistry.

This program includes all the course content you need to know in the Chemistry syllabus, as well as practise questions, how to work through them, and worksheets to help you improve on your exam skills. The content in this program is delivered on an online learning management system, allowing you to engage and access the materials from the comfort of your own home, whenever you'd like.

Here's what you'll be getting with this program:

1. Feature: video lessons covering all course content, extensive practise questions and homework to ensure that you're familiar with all the content you're learning.

2. Benefit: confidence to be able to eliminate stress from the process of studying for Chemistry.

3. A convenient way to learn what it takes to succeed at Chemistry wherever you want, whenever you want.

4. A centralised learning platform where you can access all your resources in one place.

At this point, you only have two main options: continue going at your current rate, continue looking for help, and try as hard as you can to fix what you're doing wrong. You might find the solution to your issues on your own, and you might succeed, but can you guarantee that? Or you can sign up with this program and receive the guidance you're looking for. Learn exactly what it takes to succeed from someone who's been through it all, and reach that level of success much more quickly.

The choice is yours. But decide quickly, this offer won't be around for long. In fact, the later you sign up for this course, the higher the price will be, since you'll be covering the same content at a much faster rate. Sign up now to guarantee your spot and make the most of the Chemistry High Performace program

This is how I studied to get a top score

Here's everything that's included in this KIS High Performance course:


In-depth video library covering exam relevant content

(Value $997)
Succinct, easy to understand, condensed videos. These teach you WELL and they teach you FAST. They're the most efficient way to learn HSC content and beat the competition

Click here to view the ENTIRE Curriculum
Exam ready from day 1

Exam success blueprint

(Value $199)
One set of concise master notes for exam revision. Worksheets can be used alongside video content to create your own exam blueprint. If you need to review content from the course, simply access the annotated notes to see exactly what was covered in the video!

See how the pros do it

Exam Question Guides

(Value $867)
Get inside the mind of a top scoring student to see how they deconstruct the most difficult exam questions into simple concepts. Copy and paste their strategies into your own exam playbook.

Change the way you think

The KIS Mindset Module

(Value $150)
Through our research, we've worked out the number 1 difference between those who succeed and those who struggle: Mindset
To become a top scoring student, you need to think like a top scoring student. We'll teach you how.


Join the KIS Community

(Value $100)
They say you adopt the traits of the people who are around you - so why not surround yourself with some of the most motivated and intelligent students in the state. Share strategies, answer questions and achieve your goals - together.

Total Value: $2313

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Listen to what our past students have said...

This is one of the few HSC programs that actually WORKS

This guy got a 99.95 and knows his stuff. I literally just follow the steps the course lays out and it's perf

Lachlan F
Current Student

Only a few chapters into the course but finding it super helpful already! The mindset module literally changed my perspective of how to approach study and be productive. The actual content is engaging and all my tutors for KIS HSC subjects are great and make the content easy to understand. I'm doing both Maths as well as Chemistry with them and all courses so far have been helping me improve my marks even with all the COVID confusion going on.

Jessie A
Current Student

I was struggling quite a lot with chemistry at the start of the year but now that I've been using Mina's course for help with HSC stuff, my marks have begun to improve quite rapidly. It was quite a learning curve going from cramming everything like I did beforehand and now doing a bit of work more consistently, but I stuck to it and was able to adapt really quickly. The mindset module definitely helped a lot too

Michael B
Current Student

My Dad signed me up to this chem course and initially I was pretty skeptical but turns out everything is taught super well. I'm usually not a fan of online learning and COVID really made me dislike online classes for school etc but Mina's course is broken down into really easy chapters. I literallly watch a single 15 min video and I've learnt something school will teach in like 4 hours over Zoom. THis so much more efficient and easier to use.

Nishan P
Current Student
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And I actually respond to student messages and questions!

KIS Gives Students What They Want

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Value of $2313

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After The FREE 7 days, it's just $7.50per week (I know, its' super cheap) and you can stay enrolled as long as you like.
You'll stop being billed as soon as you unsubscribe - no need to stay if you don't like it

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Hurry! Enrolments are filling up!

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KIS High Performance Program

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Your Tutor

Mina Saweris

Hi Everyone! My name is Mina. I finished the unbearable HSC race in 2019.

I gratuaded from a small high school in Eastern Sydney, scoring an ATAR of 99.95 along with two state ranks in English and Chemistry. I don't want you to Woo at these results, because every single one of you will be capable of achieving these results by learning to simplify your subjects and thus study them effectively. By really breaking down my subjects into fundamental concepts and small tasks, I really found that things became alot more enjoyable, and the two subjects that I really didn't like the most, I did the best in.

I am a big believer in mind over matter. If you've really studied and broken down the content, understood every fundamental concept as I will help you do, your performance in the exam will only be mindset. You should always be walking into your exams with the mindset "I will destroy every question on this exam", and by doing so, I personally found it quite motivating and yielded me better marks.

Following that hell of a year, I am now studying Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales and if I am not stuyding I am most likely on youtube or playing with my dog. Life does get better after the HSC right? I would say so.