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Introducing Brian Chau's

High Performance
Study Skills Program


Discover the Transformative Study Skills That Can Allow You to Achieve Marks Above 90% Within the Span of 5 Weeks

Every element of studying, from content management to exam preparation - and how to apply these skills in your particular subjects to start achieving the marks of a high-performer

Week 1

The 5 Most Powerful Mindset Secrets: How to Unlock Your Potential

Nothing you do matters unless your mind is in the right place. You won't achieve anything, no matter how hard you try.​ Building a healthy high-performance mentality will allow you to excel, even if you start off knowing absolutely nothing about the subject. Take away all your knowledge and you'll still find your way back to the top.

Week 2

How to Master Course Content And Never Fall Behind Again

If you're struggling with understanding content, and even though you put in the time, things still aren't making sense - this will show you why you're struggling and what has to happen next. In this module, you will learn various effective techniques to help you cope with new content, and how to consolidate knowledge you have already learnt so you won't need to cram ever again.

Week 3

How to Manage Time Effectively Without Burning Out

There are some specific aspects of time management which you must be mindful of if you want to optimise the time you spend studying. This does not mean spending more time. It simply means the time you do spend on study is more effective. This module will focus on how you can make time work for you, not against you.

Week 4

The 3 Step Approach to Exam Preparation for High-Performance Results

Mastery of exam preparation techniques is essential in achieving high marks. Without proper management of your resources during the study period leading up to exams, your performance cannot be maximised. This module will cover a repeatable model of examination preparation that will eliminate the uncertainty of not knowing how well you will perform - you will know exactly how well you're going to do from the way you prepare.

Week 5

Achieving Independence: How to ApplyYour Skills to Become Resourceful AndContinue Generating Results

Receiving help is certainly one of the biggest factors affecting whether a student can turn their results around. However, this all means nothing if the student cannot achieve those results on their own. Only when they achieve independence will they be able to generate results consistently. This Module will show you how you can apply these study skills to continue improving your results independently.

Once you go through this program, you may feel more motivated, inspired and vigorous than you have ever experienced before.

Time until the HSC examinations is very limited. If you're slow to take action, you may never be able to catch that time back up. Your results will be affected, and your ATAR score will reflect that. The university degree you study will also be determined by your results. ​

However, if you want to excel as quickly as possible, take action now. Imagine being able to achieve the marks you want, graduate with the ATAR you deserve, and study your dream degree. The skills in this program are the best gift you could possibly give to yourself - they will take you to your goals and give you the confidence to tackle anything at the same time.

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The exclusive program, now accessible to everyone

The HPA (High Performance Achiever) Program is a study skills and motivation course run by stellar HSC tutor Brian Chau. Brian's HPA program usually costs $1200 for students to attend Live.

However, we've recorded these live lectures and uploaded them with his slides in video format, with over 5 hours of recorded content taken straight out of the lectures he conducts with his elite group of hand-picked students.

We recommend playing these videos while you work, or listening to them in a podcast format.

The lectures are intense and go in-depth into how a high-achiever's mindset works, allowing them to not only achieve, but exceed their potential.

By following the advice he provides over the 5 part HPA Program, you too can implement these techniques to maximise your results in whatever area of your life you choose.

Your Tutor Brian Chau

Brian Chau is a graduate of Sydney Grammar School, having sat the HSC examinations in 2016. He scored an ATAR of 99.90 and achieved Band 6 in all of his subjects. Most notably, he was an All-Rounder and Distinguished Achiever in the HSC examinations, and placed 2nd in NSW for Extension 1 Mathematics in 2016.​
Throughout high school, his performance in mathematics was widely recognised. Brian was able to consistently perform at the top of his cohort, placing first in school examinations. He was a consistent Prize Winner in the Australian Mathematics Competition between 2011 and 2015, and received multiple High Distinction awards in the UNSW Mathematics Competitions he was invited to.​
Today, Brian continues to impact the HSC scene by raising the skills of many students every year, allowing them to excel in their own exams and achieve the marks they have always dreamed of.

Brian is currently studying the Bachelor of Medical Studies/ Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales. ​He is currently placed at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick and is involved in research on heart failure at the University of New South Wales. ​

Brian Chau conducts limited sessions of his HPA Program LIVE for students to attend. These premium classes are tailored to provide you with individual advice, strategies and homework to catapult your scores from the 60% range to the high 90% range.

If you'd like to attend his LIVE 5-week HPA program, head to Brian's website below and contact him to book your sessions. A ticket to attend all 5 weeks of the program costs $1200, and will give you one-on-one feedback and question time with one of the brightest minds to ace the HSC.