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Key Lesson: Do your research early (whilst you are still in Grade 12) and apply for every scholarship you can – it is more than worth your time!

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By KIS Academics
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Written by: Vishaak Gangasandra

The Australian Government, for decades now, have been implementing policies and working tirelessly to boost tertiary education access and equity around the board which is good news for all aspiring university students.


It means that there are countless scholarship opportunities that you likely will be eligible for to help with your studies and your lifestyle. The catch is that these opportunities are not advertised as well as they can be and often go unfilled due to a lack of awareness of application deadlines and eligibility. A prime example is the UQ Link Scholarships for financially disadvantaged students which went unfilled this year in 2022. Resultantly, the university is actively working to fill these scholarships. Universities are giving money away so keep reading to find out how you can cash in on these programs.

Key Lesson: Do your research early (whilst you are still in Grade 12) and apply for every scholarship you can – it is more than worth your time!

Here is a summary of all the most highly coveted scholarships on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia (scholarships where universities literally PAY YOU $4000/year to attend or put you in contact with CEO’s of the world’s largest companies). It is important that you do your own research surrounding deadlines and eligibility as they can change from year to year, but links to the universities’ scholarship sites have been provided. *Note that this guide applies to current domestic, high-school students.

Vice-Chancellor’s / Chancellor’s Scholarships:

Payment: $10,000-12,500 PER YEAR

Application Process: Easy

Universities: UQ, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Australian National University.

This scholarship is by far the most highly sought after and highest paying scholarship at universities across Australia and is the easiest to apply for. All it takes is a simple form where you put in your tertiary admissions details and universities automatically assess you. To receive this scholarship you must receive an ATAR 99.90 or 99.95 (or equivalent, eg. IB45). Each university structures this scholarship differently and payment values differ slightly, but are either one of two types:

1. Regular bank deposits of $10,000-12, 000/year (paid semesterly) for 5 years.

2. Fee remittance (you don’t pay any university fees) and an allowance of $10, 000/year for 3 years.

These scholarships sometimes come with the clause that you maintain a certain GPA across your degree and that you remain enrolled full time at university.

University of Queensland:

Liveris Academy Undergraduate Scholarship ($60, 000):

This scholarship pays $10,000/year for up to 6 years. On top of the money that the scholarship pays, you get access to exclusive study spaces and offices with the best views on campus and access to the LIVERIS ACADEMY. The Liveris Academy is a program designed to train the next generation of leaders and has invited guest speakers including rapper, billionaires, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, the CEOs of MasterCard, IBM, Shell Oil etc., Pulitzer Prize Winners, Anthony Albanese and many more esteemed guests.

Part of this academy myself, I have had the pleasure to participate in virtual panels with the majority of the above outlined speakers and it has really changed the way I view the world. There is no other Australian university, to my knowledge, that provides such extensive and enriching opportunities to young (first year) uni students and this is a prime reason for you to consider applying and attending UQ.

UQ Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarship (Up to $165, 000):

Applicants must be interested in studying a Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (major in Western Civilisation), or a dual degree with Humanities (major in Western Civilisation) and Law (Honours). Applicants need to provide a CV, a written statement, evidence of any personal disadvantages (if applicable) and an interview with the selection committee.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarship ($32,400-54,000):

This scholarship is awarded to new students who show great academic achievement, extracurricular involvement and a stellar personal statement (essay). Perks of the scholarship includes membership in the Liveris Academy. See the UQ website for more details.

Pekol Family Scholarship for Women in Engineering ($30,000-60,000):

This scholarship is awarded to highly achieving women studying engineering who can demonstrate financial hardships. Perks of the scholarship includes membership in the Liveris Academy. See the UQ website for more details.

Rogers Family Scholarship ($30,000-50,000):

This scholarship is awarded to new students in Engineering who can demonstrate financial hardships. Perks of the scholarship includes membership in the Liveris Academy. See the UQ website for more details.

Destination Australia Scholarship ($45,000-60,000):

Applicants must be studying at UQ Gatton Campus (in an agriculture or veterinarian science field. Applicants are judged based on academic merit and a personal statement.

UQ Excellence / Merit Scholarships (Up to $24,000):

Awarded to students who receive an ATAR of 99.00+ and apply for the scholarship.

Griffith University:

Deans Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship (Up to $60,000):

This scholarship is awarded to students who have received an ATAR of 95.50+ and applicants are selected on review of referee letters, personal statements, leadership involvement and community engagement.

Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship (Up to $24,000):

This scholarship is awarded to students who have received an ATAR of 95.50+ and applicants are selected on review of referee letters, personal statements, leadership involvement and community engagement.

The George Alexander Foundation Scholarship (Up to $24,000):

This scholarship is paid to students who need to relocate to attend Griffith University. Applicants must also receive an ATAR 80.00+ and provide referee letters, personal statements and proof of leadership involvement and community engagement.


Scientia Scholarship (Up to $50, 000):

This scholarship is awarded to students who achieve an ATAR 99.90+ and is the name for the UNSW equivalent of the Vice-Chancellor’s scholarship. This scholarship is available for most undergraduate degrees (UNSW’s Medicine program has a different version of this scholarship so it is worth checking that out).

UNSW Co-Op Program (Up to $78,400):

This scholarship is awarded to students on the basis of academic availability, communication skills, motivational and leadership potential.

John Niland Scholarship (Up to $12,000):

Applicants must have achieved an ATAR of 95.00+ and have lived in a rural, regional or remote area within the 2 years prior to commencing studies at UNSW.

University of Sydney:

Adam Scott Foundation Scholarship (Up to $200,000):

This scholarship is awarded to students who can demonstrate financial hardships and applicants are selected on the basis of academic merit, personal statements and involvement in extracurricular activities.

David Clarke Memorial Scholarship ($15,000):

Applicants are selected on academic merit and involvement in the University of Sydney Rugby Club.

The Nick van Gelder Dreamers Scholarship (Up to $125,000):

A scholarship that supports commencing students enrolled in a field relevant to infrastructure at the University of Sydney. Applicants are selected on proof of financial hardships, academic merit and personal statements.

Australian National University:

ANU All Rounder Scholarship (Up to $32,000):

The Australian National University (the University) may offer an award known as the ANU All-rounder Scholarship with the aim of acknowledging the achievement of those applicants who were considered in the final stage of the Tuckwell Scholarship process and offering them financial support to study at ANU.

Tuckwell Scholarship (Up to $115,000):

The Tuckwell is regarded by many as Australia’s most elite scholarship and is highly sought after. It is awarded to 25 students each year and the application process is quite competitive. Scholars have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and develop leadership skills that will help them to make a positive contribution to ANU, their local community and to Australia. Scholars also have access to exclusive spaces on campus with many amenities. The application process involves many stages including proof of academic merit, personal statements and an in-person, whole-day interview at ANU (which they fly you out for).

ANU Science, Health and Medicine Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship (Up to $40,000):

Awarded to Indigenous students studying in the field of Science, Health or Medicine. These scholarships are awarded by the university and requires an application.

Monash University:

Achieving Potential Scholarships for Excellence (Up to $40,000):

Applicants must prove financial hardships and must achieve a 90.00+ ATAR.

Sir John Monash Scholarships for Distinction (Up to $24,000):

This scholarship is the Monash University equivalent of the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship. It is awarded to students who score an ATAR of 99.95.

Engineering Masters Pathway Scholarship (Up to $30,000):

A scholarship for high-achieving Year 12 students intending to enrol in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Advanced Engineering pathway program.

University of Melbourne:

Hansen Scholarship (Up to $108,000):

The Hansen Scholarship is a flagship scholarship program at The University of Melbourne. From 2020, The Hansen Scholarship will be awarded to talented undergraduate students whose financial circumstances present a challenge to accessing a first-class education. Recipients will be awarded accommodation, an allowance, and financial and personal support.

British Academy: Global Professorships (Up to AU$2,400,000):

This one here is included for fun and is a good goal to aim for. It is available for mid-career to senior scholars (for students interested in one day becoming researchers/post-docs) in any discipline within the humanities and social sciences, who are currently employed outside the United Kingdom, with the opportunity to be based for four years in the UK and make a contribution to UK research and higher education.

Melbourne Principal’s Scholarships ($5,000):

This scholarship is offered to Victorian Year 12 or International Baccalaureate students in recognition of their academic achievement and contribution to their school or wider community.

Acknowledgements and References

All sources cited for this article have been included within their article as web links.

I would like to formally like to thank my peers studying at the above-mentioned universities who were able to provide me with insights into the various prestigious scholarships offered to aspiring undergraduate students.

Consultation with students and staff from the above universities helped guide this article, most notably, conversations held with the office of scholarships at the University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Monash University, Australian National University and UQ.

Written by KIS Academics Tutor for QCE Chemistry, QCE Physics and QCE Ancient History, Vishaak Gangasandra. Vishaak is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Biotechnology/Doctor of Medicine at UQ. Vishaak received a 99th Percentile UCAT Score, graduated with an ATAR of 99.95 and was awarded by QCAA as Queensland’s Number 1 Student. If you're interested in Medicine in QLD, check out how to get in here.

Vishaak is currently involved in translational research at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology and represents 40, 000 students at UQ on the Academic Board, having access to inside knowledge on the university’s application process. You can view Vishaak’s profile here and request him as a tutor.  

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