A rundown of the different universities in WA and what courses they are suitable for

Looking to go to a University in Western Australia? We break down 5 Unis and what subjects they are most famous for. Use this article to guide your university preference!

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By KIS Academics
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Choosing a university might be difficult in Year 12. especially when you don’t know the campus culture and the courses offered by each university. The information you receive is all over the place and is hard to break down. This blog post is a one-stop destination of all the major universities in WA and the major courses offered by each.


Located in the heart of Nedlands and on the river’s front UWA is probably WA’s most prestigious university. It’s a university in the top 100 in the world(according to QS World University Ranking 2022) with an allocation of 80% of the total WA research funding. UWA also has 5 courses in the world’s top 50;

Agriculture and Forestry

o   16th in the world for agricultural sciences

o   21st in the world for environmental science and engineering

o   51st in the world for agriculture and forestry overall

o   UWA has strong links to agricultural, natural, and mineral resources with worldwide application to industries and governments. Furthermore, UWA has high success in receiving external research grants.

Anatomy and Physiology (13th in the world)

o   13th in the world

o   75 ATAR minimum

o   UWA’s Anatomy and Human Biology explores the integration of real life application to biological and anatomical concepts. Its an excellent course that ties into current social and ethical issues.

Civil and Structural Engineering

o   80 ATAR minimum

o   UWA’s Civil Engineering course explores design, construction, and maintenance of residential areas as well as public services. UWA’s industry partners and practical course will set you up for the industry. Furthermore EZONE and UWA’s facilities for engineering are state of the art and will aid in all your future learning.

Earth and Marine Sciences

o   80 ATAR minimum

o   UWA’s Integrated Earth and Marine Sciences enables you to gain important knowledge in earth studies and is an essential degree for teaching you about the future of the world.

Mineral and Mining Engineering

o   3rd in the world

o   80 ATAR minimum

o   UWA’s Mining Engineering degree has internationally recognised experts teaching revolutionary new technologies and the latest ideas.

Furthermore, UWA has excellent campus culture and a great Medical Program.

UWA Medical Program

o   99 ATAR minimum

o   Postgraduate medical program with assured entry via UCAT and ATAR

In addition, UWA has a ton of options in other courses such as Law, Biological Sciences, and Business.


-     Medicine

-     Anatomy and Physiology

-     Agriculture and Forestry

-     Civil and Structural Engineering

-     Earth and Marine Sciences

-     Mineral and Mining Engineering

-     Law

If you're interested in what it takes to get into Medicine, check this comprehensive guide out.


As one of the fastest growing new universities, Curtin University (located in Bentley) is a large university with many courses offered. Some highlights are the direct entry undergraduate medicine program that was created 5 years ago. Curtin is in the top 1% of universities worldwide. And with regards to Mineral and Mining Engineering, it’s 2nd in the world, which beats even UWA’s ranking. Furthermore it has WA’s best program for hospitality and tourism management and high rankings in Psychology and Nursing in addition to a top 25 ranking in Architecture that is sure to rise up with the new Architecture building on campus.

As a Curtin medical student myself, I am a little biased, but I cannot recommend the Medicine course enough, it’s a good style of learning with more clinical engagement allowing for much stronger foundational skills to be developed.


-     Nursing

-     Medicine

-     Psychology

-     Mineral and Mining Engineering

-     Hospitality and Tourism


Situated in the homely suburb of Murdoch, WA’s third biggest university has much to offer. With a highly reputable name and a ton of scholarships, master’s degrees and research opportunities, Murdoch is a great option.

In terms of course highlights, the critically acclaimed Veterinary Science pathway, as well as solid overall ratings in Education, Nursing, Social Sciences, Business Economics, Biotechnology and Computer Science, Murdoch doesn’t slouch behind the top 2 (Curtin and UWA). Furthermore Murdoch has a wide range of support services.

Of course as mentioned before the highlight is the Veterinary School. With direct connections to a farm and paddocks as well as significant relationships with Perth Zoo, the Murdoch Veterinary School has played a major role in the protection and conservation of species such as the black cockatoo, the dugong and the whale shark.


-     Veterinary Science

-     Education

-     Nursing


With significant flexibility and a campus in the bustling suburbs of Joondalup and Mount Lawley, ECU is a fantastic option especially if you are looking to pursue Education, History, Visual Design, Journalism, Law, Business and the like.

Overall ECU offers a great quality of student care and is often considered the best university in WA for Education due to its outstanding teaching program that promotes graduates that are classroom and world-ready. Recently ECU graduates have won 5 out of 13 awards for top teachers and schools.


-     Education

-     Journalism

-     Law

Notre Dame Fremantle

Last but not least is Notre Dame Fremantle. Located at the mouth of the Swan River in the bustling urban centre of Fremantle, Notre Dame is a great university for Law, Arts, Physiotherapy, Business and Medicine. As the third Medical School in the state behind UWA and Curtin, Notre Dame boasts industry connections and great clinical based teaching. Furthermore, the Law, Arts and Physiotherapy areas are no slouch either and have been established courses for long periods of time.


-     Physiotherapy

-     Medicine

-     Law

Find the list of courses offered by:

UWA – https://www.uwa.edu.au/study/courses-and-careers

Curtin – https://www.curtin.edu.au/study/

Notre Dame – https://www.notredame.edu.au/about/campuses/fremantle-campus

Murdoch – https://www.murdoch.edu.au/study/courses

ECU - https://www.ecu.edu.au/degrees/undergraduate

To learn more;


Written by KIS Academics Tutor for WACE Chemistry and Mathematical Methods, Isira Parahitiyawa. Isira is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at Curtin University and has received stellar reviews from his past KIS Academics students. You can view Isira’s profile here and request him as a tutor.

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