5 Useful Chemistry Tips and Tricks

4 years ago   •   2 min read

By Manoj Arachige
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Chemistry. More like Chem-mystery, amirite?

For a lot of people, it's one of the most, if not the most dreaded subject in VCE, and as a prerequisite for medicine, it's also one of the most popular. So here are a few basic tips to help you succeed in VCE Chem and hopefully increase your score

  1. Take detailed notes. Regardless of whether you have photographic memory or 9 copies of the textbook, detailed notes are essential in such a pedantic and content filled subject, especially when it comes to revision time and you've forgotten what the catalyst for esterification is
  2. Understanding is paramount. When it comes to Chem, memory is the easy part. When it comes to actual SAC and exam questions, you'll slowly start to realise that most of the questions are impossible without a thorough understanding of the subject. Make sure to understand rather than memorise
  3. Don't give up. A lot of chemistry students "give up" and relegate chemistry to their bottom subjects and stop putting effort in. Surprisingly, in doing this they lose the opportunity to score well in a subject that has less and less competition for higher marks. Persistent work is key throughout the academic year
  4. Practice exams are key. When it comes to SAC and exam preparation, taking notes and revising the textbook is useless. Do as many relevant questions as possible, especially ones from last VCE exams as these focus on understanding, as I said previously, and are necessary to consolidate your understanding of topics
  5. VCAA examination reports are a brilliant guide. When it comes to any questions you aren't sure about, the reports provide a reliable resource that can help explain questions you aren't sure about, but more importantly, show you which questions the state struggles with. By finding and doing these questions, you become much more proficient at completing questions that initially seem difficult, but become increasingly easier.

Chemistry doesn't have to be so difficult. Once you've got a good understanding of the subject content, you'll learn how to apply it to a myriad of scenarios by doing practice questions. So make sure you grab some great resources for VCE Chemistry early on and focus on the one key thing that I zealously believe is the most important item on that list: UNDERSTANDING

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